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Is the Apple being discarded?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 13, 2005.

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    Turn something on its side...

    ...and it's no longer the right way up!

    Mind-boggling stuff. :rolleyes:
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    Turn it on the other side and the bite is facing the ground. Oh no, the sky is falling!

    Turn it upside down and the Apple logo is not even displayed. Blasphemy!

    I feel like asking the author of this article for the minute of my life I wasted reading this back.
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    What a crock!
    So they should make it where it swivels?? :rolleyes:

    Must be a slow news day now that MWSF is over.

    Woof, Woof - Dawg
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    Sony did this on the PS2!
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    No kidding. Talk about trying too hard to find a story.
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    I vote for one that spins like a G-Unit medallion. Cuz when it stops loadin', the only thing still spinning is the Apple! :D
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    Apparently this person thinks that for the Mac mini to be a computer in today's world of PC towers, it must be taller than it is wide; hence, standing on it's side. In the Photo Gallery for the Mac mini, the picture showing the back side of the mini clearly indicates that this was designed to sit flat (the bottom is indented from the edges, something that wouldn't be done if it were to stand on it's side.

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    OMG... The sky is falling!

    It took Apple a little while to change the orientation of the apple on their notebooks so that it looks right when open. It's not like Apple has never made changes when they thought it was appropriate.
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    ...and how horrible that there's a reflection in the photograph. I can't believe apple would make a computer that reflects visible light. Fools!
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    Who knows next we will be seeing pictures of Jesus/God/religious deity in potatoes or shrouds soon. :)

    What a crock of dog poop.
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    this is a joke article right?! i guess the editor in chief was high when they approved this article to be posted. i'm not actually a stoned reporter, but i play one on net...

    [choke, cough] this reporter [cough], this reporter has received word from a reliable source, that the "reflection" was created by a graphic artist with photoshop and the picture then circulated through official press channels for authenticity. the source further went on to explain, "in an ongoing effort to kill all competition, especially that of apple, mr. bill, gates' alias within the m$ syndicate, ordered the desecration of the apple logo." the source also went on, "dude your [expletive] the rotation." this surely being secret code from within the m$ syndicate to quiet this paranoid reporter...

    [cough] having followed the efforts of the m$ crime syndicate and it's mob boss, this is not the first time such subtle tactics have been employed. there was the upside down apple logo on previous versions of powerbooks and of course the well publicized, "accidental reversal of our logo on limited quantity of imacs". though it is common knowledge among the general public and law enforcement, that these incidents are the work directly or indirectly of mr. bill, however do to unlimited legal resources the m$ syndicate has never been convicted of any charges.

    apple's lawyers have declined to comment... this is the stoned reporter, coming to you live from my desk. 2high2Cstraight news, bongville.
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    Actually, their is a nice sized Apple logo embossed on the underneath.
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    Really? Do you have pictures?

    (I want to see the Mac mini's underside. I hope my mom never finds out about this.)
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    You can just barely see it:

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    bad enough I wasted that minute of my life skimming the article, at least I didn't post a....... gah
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    you mean debossed.

    emboss is when it sticks out... deboss is when it cuts in.
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    Yes, sorry that's what I meant! Thanks for correcting me.
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    well i sent a comment regarding the stellar example of journalism this article represents, and, just if anyone is curious, this was my prompt reply...

    "Dear Micah Noble,

    I'm sorry that the story was so out of character with our normal stories. As many people pointed out "it was a slow news day."

    We're also in the lee of Christmas and New Year and rapidly approaching Chinese New Year, at a time when the local stock market is doing its regular Chinese New Year dip, the western world is gearing up and Taiwan is gearing down.

    Because we've got some time on our hands, would you like us to dig into any Taiwan-related issue for you?

    Is there a particular Taiwan-based company you would like to know more about, or a news story that you would like to see some follow up to? If your particular interest lies with Macs, I do not think we will be able to find out much more than is already known on the web, but for other computing, electronics or semiconductor companies and news with roots in Taiwan, we may be able to help. If we turn up anything more worthwhile for a story than the Apple logo, we will send our findings direct to you as well as publishing them.

    If you have a question, please send it to steve@digitimes.com.

    Over the last couple of days, there have been rumors in Chinese (notably on Kimo/Yahoo!) and we have a story in our Chinese paper today about which companies are making which iPods and the Mac mini. We may publish a story about this later today.


    Stephen Taylor
    DigiTimes.com, director



    happy mac-ing!!


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