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Is the guides the right place for a mail conversion guide?

Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by quad, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Before I bought a mac last year I made a short guide which never quite got finished. Is described how to convert mail archives from 'Microsoft Mail for Macintosh' v3 which was around in about 1996 on MacOS 7.

    I had an entire archive of these mails, many thousands, and I couldn't find anywhere on the web a reference to the client, let alone a guide to use the archives. So with a bit of trial and error I managed to extract the mails from the text based archives into something modern. The guide does describe how to get the mails into Outlook Express for windows, but that shouldn't stop anyone going further, as I know it's trivial to go from there to Thunderbird and then to anywhere.

    The question is, I've got these few pages of notes, and I don't know where to place them on the web. Some place with mac / crossplatform / email focus would be best, so I'm up for suggestions. Is macrumors the place? I thought of LowEndMac but their older articles seem to be bad links.

    Thanks all
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    I say go for it..

    I have been told that it is a WIKI many times by people that take it upon themselves to moderate it.

    I would assume that if you post it, even in the wrong place on the guides, it will be moved, edited, or deleted if it doesn't fit.

    To me, it sounds like helpful information!
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    Well thanks for the support.

    I'll definitely post it up, it'll just take some days to tweak it here and there.

    Wiki contributing is something completely new to me!
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    The only problem is that the entire operation seems to be carried out using Windows programs from a classic Mac and the Mac Guides are designed primarily for Mac OS X. So having the guide to go from Classic Mac OS to Mac OS X would be a sensible addition.
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    Point taken, its definitely windows centric. I started it 2 years ago, before I bought my iBook G4. Got shelved for a long time!

    I'll have a look around version tracker for Mac OS X apps that can do the same steps. Of course the target should be Thunderbird or Mail. I'll do a bit of digging and see if I can come up with a solution.


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    I could not find a key that defined how I am supposed to read the pink and blue horizontal bars. Can someone help explain?:confused:

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