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Is the high resolution screen worth the extra $ MBP?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by greeneggs28, Feb 20, 2008.

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    I wasn't sure where to post this question, but I figured that the feed back of others who are in the same profession would be best. I'm not really in to movie editing, just the basic CS3 programs for print along with some flash and web projects.

    First of all I need a portable mac that can handle CS3 with ease, so I decided with a MBP.

    Second, I decided to go with a 17" because the more real estate I have to work with the better, naturally (plus I really can't afford an extra monitor any time soon).

    Now I have to choose between the 1640x1050 or the 1920x1200. Is this gonna make a big difference? Does anyone highly recomend the hi-rez over the standard resolution of the 17"? I just want to make the right decision because this is gonna be a very large investment for me, hopefully for the next 3, 4, or even 5 years. I don't want any regrets. Stories, and recomendations are greatly appreciated. :)
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    I personally love the higher res. screen I got here. I'm not sure what difference it makes because I've only used this one, but I like it. Everything is smaller naturally, but there is a lot of room here. How much more is it? I don't remember.
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    Apple charges $100 for the high resolution option. Not too bad, but that could be an extra $100 for ram... money is very tight for me right now.
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    That's what I was thinking it was. Don't buy the RAM from Apple. Buy your MBP from them and then buy the RAM from another supplier. As far as the high res. that's hard to say. I'd recommend it, but then again, I've never used the other. If you don't mind everything on the screen being smaller, I'd say it's worth it. Oh, and I know how it goes with the tight money situations. I'm still living that way. It's no fun being in college (sometimes). ;)
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    Artful Dodger

    Since I've been looking into the same thing here is some food for thought…
    While I love my 20" iMac, I'll be getting a MBP and having run through some of the same ideas so it looks like this…17" MBP with the HR screen (I've used one as of late and it's really nice) if you could get it from Amazon (which they carry but are out of stock at this time) you're looking at $200 less by not having tax. This would off-set the Ram (2x2GB sticks) which is around $139 from Crucial. Or something that might be nice in the long run for you would be the 15" MBP from Amazon or another vender that doesn't ask for the tax, a 20" Apple display or one you like and the Ram all for the same price or close to it. I say close because of rebates (certain venders offer $125-150 off) and no tax which is around $185-200.
    Ram can always be added later but not a HR screen. I'm with you on getting the 17" MBP since it is nice and if the size for travel is no big deal then why not right?
    I have to say the part about no regrets because I bought a 17" iMac (loved it!) and then knew after some time I needed more screen but it wasn't as easy as getting more Ram and 10 minutes of time to change it ;) So I think it sounds biased but I'd get the 17" and the screen you want now and look for Ram deals after unless you can get rebates/no tax to make it all work at once :D
    I didn't forget the money issue either but regret costs $$$ as well just in a different direction :p
    Good Luck and enjoy your new baby once you get it!!!
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    You are overlooking the superior LED screen of the 15" MacBook Pro (not available on the 17"). Better overall uniformity of backlighting and more accurate color reproduction. With a choice of matte or glossy screen, this is something to be considered.
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    I would say that if you need a completely portable package, go with the 17" and hi-res screen. As someone said, RAM can be added later but the screen can't. Also, I run multiple CS3 apps (PS, Ai, and Flash mostly now) with only 2gb of RAM (my max since I have a 17" CD 2.16ghz) with no issues.

    That said, I would also look into the 15" + a nice external because it can be cheaper if you find the right deals on what you need at the right time.
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    There's good advice in here.

    If you're especially using CS3, get the higher resolution monitor. And DON'T buy Apple RAM, as mentioned, but purchase directly from Crucial.

    Are you a student? If so, ask for student prices, if they are offered for the MBP 17". The biggest HD you can afford is also advisable, especially if you are an iTunes abuser. And external (firewire preferably) HD is practically a must if you're running CS3, as the more junk you place on your internal HD the less contiguous scratch disk you have, thus the slower (or crashing) performance of the applications.
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    Just so you know, the RAM that was in my MBP was Samsung RAM. Nothing that special about it. I have OCZ in here now.

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