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Is the iPhone a data pig?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Dataviromests will call for data cap and trade limits!

    It's true -- My iPhone is a data pig and I'm proud of it. Who cares if there is only so much data to go around? Who cares if the bandwidth is limited? I've got my shinny iPhone and to hell with everybody else. I'm gonna use all the data I can whenever I can just because I can.

    By the way, I hear that Al Gore is going to head up another London based fund. This one will be based on data cap and trade. Al has another movie out that says North America is consuming the bulk of the worlds available data and it just isn't fair. The movie is expect to be a sure-fire Academy Award winner and is entitled "An inconvenient set of 1's and 0's".
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    You kids have it so lucky, with your Megabytes and Gigabytes.

    Back when I was growing up, we didn't have two bits to Xor together, and still we were happy just to have null. Those where the days..
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    and I'm loving it
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    Because when I was in school we had to walk barefoot to class, uphill, both ways in the freezing snow....:p
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    It's no laughing matter. If you could see how many discarded bits those iPhone hogs are tossing into our local landfill every day. It's reaching crisis proportions. But revenge on iPhone users is sweet: all those bits will eventually mass together and come back to byte them.
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    These would have to be some of the silliest posts I have ever seen on MacBytes ;) - I think I'll go and have a wallow in data for a bit.:apple:
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    this is one of the funniest threads i've seen in a long time!! loving the jokes.

    but seriously, someone in africa right now has no data at all and we're just throwing ours out on the street. when will we learn some shame.
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    Sort of like those unused milky roll-over minutes, eh?

    I can hardly wait for Sally Struthers to start making an appeal on behalf of all the data-starved children in Africa.
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    Ah, nuts. The Secretary of Information has announced we need have a bailout plan of 700 petabytes to bail out those companies affected by this data shortage!

    This sucks. I'm not telling them anything, they can get that data elsewhere! No one came to my aid when I was down to my last kilobyte..
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    Stupid article.

    iPhone internet is more useful. More useful = more usage. There, that's the summary.
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    Um, yeah, it is a data pig. But who cares? We all pay $15 to $30 for unlimited data and we're sure as hell gonna use it!
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    Don't forget the broken glass on the ground and the gunfire from both sides of the trail. :D
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    What is just plain excessive is using 3G to stream Pandora radio non-stop, hour after hour, while driving a car.

    I intend to continue enjoying the aforementioned behavior :)
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    In a lot of countries, unlimited data is not offered by the phone carriers.
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    Not at all, I've a new contract since yesterday in Belgium.
    300 sms/300 callminutes/month and 200 mb data for 30 €/month. (I never used more than 50 mb per month because most of the time I have wifi)
    I've a 1st gen iPhone, and was on GPRS, now I have edge.
    I'm pretty impressed about edge vs GPRS.

    Probably I can hold of buying a new iPhone 'till the next gen.
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    I have a 6gig data plan. I got my 3g 2 days after launch and I have yet to break past 300megs total usage. Rogers was going to give out 400 meg plans, and everyone complained, but now I am thinking it would have been ok.
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    I guess data usage or excessive data usage depends on the amount of Wifi zones near the user - the more wifi spots the less billed data usage. In NZ we still don't have a lot of wifi areas apart your home or some areas in town and in AKL and Wellington Intl Airports so the rest of the time you are either on 3G networks, or your home or work wifi.
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    i like my data pig :)

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