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Is the iPod Touch bump to 32gb a bad omen for the 64Gb SSD?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ViperrepiV, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Today the iPod touch was bumped to 32GB for $500 total. Is this a bad omen for the $999 64gb SSD? I mean, if you can get 32gigs and a ipod for $500, how quick does this mean the price will drop for the SSD?
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    Pretty sure they're not the same kind of flash memory... memory in devices like full-on computers needs to be able to handle a lot more rewrites than in relatively static devices like music players, where files just tend to sit and be read.

    In other words, the memory in the SSD in an MBA is of a higher quality and/or durability than the memory in an iPod Touch or iPhone, or in a memory stick or USB thumbdrive. That's why it's more expensive.
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    Depends on what you mean by "bad."

    I think most people expect SSDs will come down in price, and get bigger, and generally become the standard for portable drives.

    I think Apple is counting on that and will eventually phase the classic out as the Touch gets bigger and bigger.

    I'm sure we'll see a 64GB Touch in 2009.
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    I don't understand your question.
    - 32GB Touch for $500.
    - 64GB SSD for $1000.

    Double the memory for double the price.

    Anyhow, SSD and flash memory are not the same. An SSD device includes an interface of some sort such as PATA or SATA. If the current trend continues, SSD prices will be dropping significantly over the next year as capacities go up and more companies use the devices in their laptops.
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    I don't think the SSD is the same as the flash memory either.

    Obviously, the prices of SSDs will drop in 6 months and drop dramatically in a year. Any technology device dropping to half price in 6-12 months hasn't stopped me from jumping in early before, and it won't in the future. That's the way things work. The use I get out of it before the price drops has always been worth it to me.

    I'd recommend people not buy the SSD if that bothers them.
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    yes although it is not a fair comparison. With the 32Gb touch, you are getting an entire device, which includes R&D costs, touchscreen, wifi, etc. The $64 gig SSD is a $1000 additional option and you just get the drive.

    I guess this was my main question...are these the same types of memory? if so, then there is a definite disconnect

    My question about "bad omen" i guess is more about the speed with which the prices will drop. I would feel pretty terrible about my purchase if 6 months later it was half the price.

    My guess is that it will be half the price in a year. 1.8in SSDs are near $1,500 retail, so who knows.
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    why would you feel bad if in six months it was half the price? its the latest and best drive option of that size. as its used more and as the tech grows prices will drop significantly. its the way things go.

    and as others have mentioned. they're not the same from what i know of the two. different interfaces and read/write times
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    I ordered the SSD. Obviously I am aware that the prices will come down and probably fast. However, I would be very happy about that. I might even think about upgrading a MB myself for the first time. Not sure why I would need 128GB but it would at least be an option. Fingers crossed for a fast reduction in prices!


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    Different speed.

    SSD can be of comparable speed as fast desktop 3.5" raptor drives.

    In comparison, Flash memory used in music players has slow write, ok read speed.
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    Well, if SSD prices drop quickly enough, I'm sure there will be a market for people who want to upgrade their MBAs to higher-capacity SSDs. The replacement process seems fairly simple; it's just a question of getting a drive that will fit the physical space and that has the right interface.

    Yes, it's expensive being out here on the bleeding edge... but someone has to do it. I'm sure the people who bought the first generation iPods don't, in retrospect, feel bad about their decision to support a new way of doing things. SSDs, like everything else, will get cheaper, and there's nothing you can do about it. Only when a drastic, unjustifiable price drop occurs (like when the iPhone dropped from $599 to $399 after only two months) can you legitimately complain.
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    Well its going to take me forever to get my MBA, because it's not supposed to ship until the end of February!
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    Doesn't upgrading your HDD void the warranty?
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    Yes. That's why you wait until the warranty has expired before you start performing organ transplants on your notebook. ;)
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    Iono if the trade off is worth it though. You can either have applecare for 3yrs or have a larger HDD with no warranty. Too bad apple doesn't offer a hdd upgrade service. (They would probably charge us 2 arms and a kidney to do it too.)
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    I'm sure we'll see a 64GB Touch before the end of 2008, and see a 128GB version in 2009. The touch was only introduced in September 2007 (http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2007/09/05touch.html). Within four months the maximum capacity has doubled. Well in the USA at least not here in the UK yet.:(
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    And I also read something else earlier today about Intel finding a new way to double the capacity of RAM without increasing size. I forget where I read it but the future sure sounds big and fast. Wonder if it will be better though?

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