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Is the MDD really going to be discontinued?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by snooziums, Jun 20, 2004.

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    I have heard several rumors about Apple discontinuing the G4 MDD. Is this true? Will it be just the single-processor model, or the entire lineup?

    I think that Apple should keep the MDD line, as it provides a low-cost expandable option to the pricey G5.

    And if it is going to be discontinued, when will this happen? It is still on Apple's site and online store.
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    Yes, they've been discontinued. Get em while you can.
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    I've been considering getting a single 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 as a secondary home system. I'm hoping to get a firesale price, especially if Apple announces any new models at WWDC. I just have to time it perfectly - wait long enough for minimum price but not before the last one is sold.
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    Why should Apple release a PowerMac system at WWDC? They just released the new G5. And a new iMac model won't change the price of the MDD.
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    If you don't actually need the expandability then emacs are cheaper and use the same processor.
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    ebay will work too.
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    I don't mean to steer the thread off-topic, but I'll explain that any new Mac release will cause pressure on Mac retailers to clear out old inventory. Hence the chance for a deal.
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    Watch the refurb store, there was a single on sale for $999 (IMO, the price they should be).

    Actually the eMacs use a newer chip, I believe. Cooler and 512 cache vs. 256 in the MDD. Even better. ;)

    Edit: upon closer inspection, the MDD has 256K L2, but 1MB L3. As well as some other things that make it better than the eMac. But the eMac has a lot of advantages as well. So it's a toss up.
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    Pardon my lameness... I've seen it everywhere, but... what does MDD stand for???

    Lee Tom
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    mirror drive doors

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    ur right emac is ppc 7455
    and according to apple museum
    Logic Board:
    Processor: PowerPC 7455
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    The processor in the singe and dual G4's, have either 1MB or 2MB L3 cache per processor and 4 memory slots, and upgradeable agp card.
    I thought they were keeping the Dual G4's as long as people buy them, because it is a high profit, although low volume item, and the only OS9 booting Mac available. (some people need that).

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