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iPad Is the red leather Smart Cover too high-maintenance?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by kylera, Mar 29, 2013.

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    I got a good deal on an unopened official red leather Smart Cover, and it is currently on its way.

    In the meantime, I did a search for tips on maintaining leather Smart Covers and there was a post from a couple years back talking about how frustrating it is to take care of the red leather. Does it still hold true today?
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    It will wear like an old book. Darken, with oils from hands. Depends on how OCD you are or if you appreciate the patina.

    I use mink oil on mine every 3-4 months, simliar to shoes, hat, holsters. It's probably 12-13 mos old now and still in perfect shape, other than the above.
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    Maybe I am a bit OCC. How do you carry your iPad around? Do you just pick it up and carry, toss in a bag, etc.?
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    I don't mind it, I prefer the ageing look.
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    I wish they offered a red poly cover like for the mini. The poly is much more resistant to obvious aging than the leather. I had a black leather and wound up not caring for it much- especially the way it was aging, scratching, or even the feel of the leather in general.

    I'm debating whether or not to pick up a red SmartCase for my iPad 2, because when I had one before it was too loose where you could see a gap at the top through the speaker hole and also it would come away on the edges from the iPad every time you grabbed it or folded the stand- very annoying. I wonder if that problem of fit has been corrected. I have a dark gray Smart Cover in combination with a smoke Belkin snap case, which is nice, but sometimes I feel red would be a nice change as well.
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    It rarely leaves home. On the rare occasion I have a small messenger bag.

    Generally use creased back.
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    i had a smart case with the iPad 3 and it fit nicely
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    There appear to be third party retailers that provide red poly covers. The quality is unknown, though.
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    Give it a rubdown with Lexol wipes once in a while and it should be fine.
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    Agreed. At a certain point, I just said "screw it" and after that point the thing started looking well-loved. I didn't see much need to treat the leather with anything fancy. It's not like they use fancy leather anyway, it's super thin and texture-less.
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    The problem is that it stiffens and will crack in the grooves (have a look at the last pic above, it starts wrinkeling), something like the Lexol keeps it not only clean but also flexible.

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