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Is the SSD replaceable?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Zeos, Jan 31, 2008.

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    I wonder if the SSD in the MBA is replaceable. Prices for SSD should be going down and capacities up very, very quickly. I might consider the SSD version of the MBA if I knew I could swap out the drive in the future.
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    You can swap out the HDD or the SSD drive for an SSD in the future. However, it is not officially a "user replaceable" part to it is a grey area about whether or not it voids the warrantee, however, I hear it is easy to do.
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    Interesting. Is anyone planning on going this route (buy the HDD version and swap out the HDD for the SSD later once SSD prices drop a bit)?
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    I have the exact same question. The SSD version is way out my price range, but if it was possible to buy the HD version, and then transfer it out to SSD in a year or two when prices are much cheaper and sizes are much large, I might buy one. Any official word on this?
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    I would definitely go that route. Given that apple marks up upgrades 100-500% I would bet the 64GB SSDs will be available for $500-$700 easy.

    I would personally also settle for a 32GB SSD, as I do not need much storage.

    I am wondering if this will void out any warranty, however. I plan to buy mine at a Best Buy with the 2 year accidental damage coverage warranty just in case I drop it, crack it, or spill something on it. I would hate for an $1800 investment to go to waste.
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    Caveat re: SSD

    There are replacement SSD's on the market. But check their size. I have not heard of an SSD with a greater capacity than 64GB, that is in the 1.8" size.

    There are higher capacity SSD's but their size is 2.5".
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    not right now, you are right. But I think either Samsung or Hitachi are coming out with a 1.8" 128 gig SSD later this year.

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