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Is there a case that secures the smart cover and has magnets on back?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jmantn, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Is there a case that can securely lock in the smart cover and has magnets on the back for when it's folded behind the iPad?

    I'm looking for a cross between this Macally case that locks a smart cover in:


    this Incase Mag Snap Case that has magnets on the back:

    I'm hoping when SwitchEasy announces their new CoverBuddy or when Incase updates their offerings in the coming week they'll add these features but in case they don't is there a manufacturer that currently offers a case such as this?

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    There are people on here that swear the Incase Mag Snap for the iPad 2 fits their iPad 3 without any buckling, bowing or stress at all. Not true for me...I broke one and the other would almost fit but it would pop off at the slightest jostle and it was actually bending the glass on the front of the iPad 3 (not good!).

    I even went by my local Best Buy today with my iPad 3rd Gen and tried one out at the store. That place was a wreck and stuff pulled out of packaging everywhere. Same problem...it will fit but it bows in the middle and pops off very easily.

    Incase has even updated their website to show which iPad 2 cases WILL fit and, no surprise, the Mag Snap wasn't listed there. Its still stuck in the iPad 2 section (at fire sale markdown pricing no less). I suspect they are about to revise it and release a new one, maybe one that will fit on both the iPad 2 and the iPad 3rd Gen.

    But, like you, I really want one just like the Mag Snap that also retains the Smart Cover. That would be perfect for me.
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    As far as I know this doesn't exist.

    Best bet is to hope someone adds both features to one case.

    Any rumors of this coming down the pipeline sometime soon?
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    Thanks for the info everyone.

    Also the Belkin link above seems to be similar to the Incase with the magnets but doesn't lock in the smart cover. I'm thinking i'll end up going with macally's case as when I'm holding my iPad I typically have my smart cover folded like a triangle which also makes it easier to hold assuming having a case doesn't change that.
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    I posted some Pictures of the black leather smart cover and Belkin snapshield secure (2nd gen) combo on the the 1st page of the Icipio smart feather thread. The fit is jut about perfect and the camera cut out is perfect. It also has the magnet on the back to hold the smart cover when folded all the way back. Doesn't add much bulk/weight at all. Absolutely love this combo. Only little negative is the power button is towards the upper part of the hole, no biggie though still easily accessable. I fit the case with relative ease by snapping in the 2 upper corners and then the bottom 2. Not much bowing in the middle of the back where the apple logo is and doesn't put stress on the corners of the case. I will most likely buy the 3rd gen of the Belkin to keep as a spare. I bought the back case on sale for $20 here in Canada, because I didn't want to leave my iPad naked while waiting for a case that the sleep/ wake function was working. Go take a look :D
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    Seen the pics earlier and I like the look for sure but does it also keep the smart cover connected to the iPad? The Macally case and Zum SC Ultimate do as well but neither have released an updated version and I'm hoping to find one that locks in the smart cover and has magnets on the back :)
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    Yeah, that's the only thing missing with the belkin back cover...the mechanism that locks the smart cover. Hopefully some company will be smart enough to put both together. Maybe we should start making them, lol. I'm sure we would have a lot of demand, before the big boys start fixing their issues with their cases, folios etc...to work with the new iPad :D
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    Seems like Zum will also be releasing new cases near the end of March that also feature the smart cover locking, hoping they'll add magnets :)
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    That's not a half bad idea :O
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    Wow, I really like that incase Mag Snap case because it has different angles you can snap the smart cover to on teh back. Any word on them releasing a new version?
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    yeah they announced it....just like belkin.
    But no one actually released yet :(
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    You could always do what was suggested in another thread - buy the incipio smart feather and superglue a VERY SMALL rare earth magnet to hold the smart cover to the back when opened. It seems crazy to mod a brand new case to some, but it would definitely serve your needs.
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    When did they announce it??
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    They haven't announced it yet. There are several posts on Incase's Facebook page asking them to release a version of the MagSnap for the new iPad but thus far all they've announced is the 'compatibility' of a few of their old iPad 2 cases for the iPad 3rd Gen. Sadly, the MagSnap wasn't on that list. In fact, the MagSnap is now on clearance at $25 on their website and I saw some at BB for $19.99.
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    I just picked up the Belkin Snapshield Secure at Target on sale for $19.95, fits great camera, centered, the sleep button is a bit off but functional. Has magnet in back and works with Smart Cover.
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    On their blog a while ago. Not specific mentioning the mag snap...there was a list and it was not on it. But the list they made were not all....
    I think the chance is pretty high that theyl make it for ipad3.
    Although sorry i should have said this a bit more clearer:)
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    I wrote Macally and got a response within minutes. Their new cases will be available next week for purchase (you can check them out on their website) and they will not have magnets attached to allow the SmartCover to stay folded. Even so I'm leaning toward this case especially considering their 2nd generation cases were so well received.


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