Is there a market on the iPhone for educational and kids games?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by detz, Nov 3, 2008.

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    It seems this area is lacking, do parents not let their children play with their phones? :D
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    Surely you jest--the educational part of the store is completely overwhelmed with educational games and activities.
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    ??? I have to agree with Chris is this a joke?

    The short answer is yes there is a market.

    As to parents letting their kids use their iPhones, why would they do that? An iPod Touch is a perfectly good way to supply a youngster with working games and educational activities.

    As was pointed out just look at the App store.

    Now how successful are these programs. Well there are a number of ways to measure that. The question is do you have something innovative in mind that can get parents to part with the hard earned cash.

    I'd say the biggest issues with iPhone and Touch would be that of durability. So the question is what age group do you target and would they take an interest in such programs.

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    But are they selling?
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    I've sold over 3,000 copies of my XyPhone app in the past 2 months, if that helps answer your question. (Of course, sales are down to a trickle now.)

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    I'm getting steady downloads for my game which is in the top 100 under educational games.

    Based on the reviews, parents are buying it for their kids and end up playing it themselves.
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    I'm a happy customer. Although my daughter has moved on to different apps now.
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    My son was playing a lot with my iPhone, and now he's playing with my iPad...

    He loves playing educational games and particularly these ones:

    The "Learning is fun" is the right title for this game collection.

    Really nicely done, smooth graphics, fun sounds and animations, these games are really good for the kids.
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    Thanks for the link! Looks like some great stuff for my son to check out. :D
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    Of course there's a market. The question is how big that app category is, in revenue or downloads, compared to other app categories, such as games, etc.

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