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Is there a way to have windows go back to where they were before plugging into TBD?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by DisplacedMic, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I have an 11" MBA 2013 that I plug into a TBD in clamshell mode. I love it, but sometimes it's a but of a pain finding windows after I unplug and go back to looking at the small screen.

    Is there a way to have windows spring back to where they were or at least to fit onto the screen after unplugging from the TBD?
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    so apparently there isn't a native "Fix" for this, per se but there are apps in the store thta can make the process of resizing easier.

    Stay is one
    better snap tool is another

    i haven't tried either because while pushing the icon buttons is a bit of a pain, it's definitely not a big deal and don't want to pay (they are roughly $14 and $2 respectively)

    /first world problems:rolleyes:
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    Mr Rabbit

    I run into the same "problem" each day. Sadly I haven't found a fix though I admittedly haven't spent much time digging into it. The window shuffle has just become part of my routine each day when I login at work.
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    i hear you... and God forbid the window is too big to get to the zoom button and you have to do it in the Window panel...or if enough of them are too big you have to go changing the resolution.

    then there's itunes...i know you can option click the green button but i forget to do that almost every time...

    like i said, not a huge deal but i am hoping they change this for 10.9.

    i'm almost as mad at this feature as i am at Apple for not calling Mav OSX Cougar. :p
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    Mr Rabbit

    Sadly this remains in 10.9 so far, same issue every day running 10.9 on my MacBook Air. Some windows do remember their size and placement (Safari, Notes, etc) but others (Apple Remote Desktop, MS Outlook, etc) still revert to the built in display. It's definitely improved a little bit but has a good ways to go.

    Cougar would've been epic. I did laugh out loud when they teased the Sea Lion name on stage.
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    oh right! i completely forgot about you developers :)
    that sucks, but thanks for the update... the airs get more and more popular every year, so ostensibly more and more people are plugging them into externals. hopefully they'll heed the call!
  7. dyn
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    Ran into this issue as well. The only solution I found is to use a desktop plus laptop. No more plugging in/out all sorts of connectors and no more strange problems with colourprofiles and window sizes/positions when plugging in/out the display. This really needs to get fixed in 10.10.

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