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Is there a way to see what the iMac sees on the USB ports?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by NeeLonMac, Nov 17, 2010.

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    I've got this old USB webcam which I want to use on my iMac G5, because it's the first revision without iSight. Therefor I went to macam and installed their software. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work.

    I noticed, on a Windows PC the computer notices there is something in a USB port, whetter he recognizes it, or not. But when I put the webcam in my iMac, he does nothing.

    Is there a way to see what the iMac sees on the USB ports?
    If someone can help me with this, it would be great, and you would be great!!

    Also, I have the Trust 120 Spacec@m (which is apparently different from the Trust 120 Spacecam :confused:)
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    Go to the top left hand corner of your screen and click on the :apple:. Select About This Mac and click on the More Info... button in the window that pops up. When the System Profiler loads, select USB from the list on the left. You should see everything connected to your USB bus.

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