Is there an Attitute with Mac owners

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by alienmac, Jul 4, 2006.

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    I own a BMW and when I'm driving it people give me a thumbs up or the "nod". Motorcyle riders give the traditional underhand point. It's code for "right on, I'm with you".

    Saying that, do you find the Mac owners have the same type of feeling? Do you give the nod when you see another Mac user? I get a feeling it's like its a tight knit family.

    Is this true to an extent?
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    Yeah.. if I see someone using an Apple notebook, I usually try to give them the little nod. While they probably aren't as nerdy as me, I still try to give the "Apple user" nod.

    It's really bad at grand openings. All nods and "hey, nice setup" and "how much ram in that baby?"

    I love it. :p
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    Depends, if their Mac is not as nice as mine, they got a nod. If it is nicer and I am jealous they get the middle finger. :p
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    So what is the official Apple Nod? :cool:
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    Hehe, I was playing WoW the other day with TeamSpeex running and I heard the characteristic "Funk" sound effect. Quick! To the Inspect drawer so I can find out who the Mac user is! :p
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    You walk by, see the Mac, and just slowly: up and then down. Maybe a mental "yeaaa"

    :cool: ? ehhh
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    I'm guess this is NOT the apple nod., lol.
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    Yeah definitely. It happens at uni all the time where lots of people have Mac laptops. I was using mine one day and a guy comes up to me asking if I knew how to get all the proxy settings right to connect to the wireless network (he had an iBook). I had been having similar difficulties but in about 5 minutes of helping each other out, it was all sorted! :)

    The only thing I don't like is some of the attitudes of non-mac users. They often say something negative about Macs or assume that you are really rich because you own one. :rolleyes:
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    It TOTALLY should. I'll try to fit it in at the next opening. :p
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    I can't wait to see the headline in the newspaper the next day accompanied with a picture of you doing that. :p
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    I love seeing Mac users. I found some mac stickers so I will put one on my car.

    My new school everyone is required to have a Mac so it wont be any big deal. But at Starbucks or Barnes & Nobles I always give a nod or smile.
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    The other day at work I was paired with a colleague I hadn't met before; we worked really well together as a team throughout the afternoon, which was busy. Finally things slowed down a bit and we were able to chit-chat. Then one of the Windows machines burped and we had to fiddle with it. She muttered, "I HATE Windows!" I nodded. "I do, too." I added, "I use a Mac at home."" She beamed. "Me, too!" We bonded in Mac sisterhood as we exchanged info about our respective machines.

    Anyone looking at my car is going to quickly realize that, hey, I'm a Mac user...I've got the Rainbow Apple stickers on both side windows and the white Apple sticker on my rear bumper.

    Mac rules....
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    It's not that Mac users have an attitude, but more so that pc users assume we do. For some reason whenever I mention I have a Mac to a pc user they always start bagging me out and telling me all the wild stories of why Macs are too expensive, too out dated, non-compatible, blah blah blah. I don't even have to say what kind of Mac I have. So if I get on the defensive then I'm told I have an attitude like all Mac users. :rolleyes:
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    It's like the Masons. You know we are out there, but it's difficult to tell who we are, unless we want you to know. :)

    Also like the Masons people in the lower eschalons of the society aren't really aware of what's going on at the upper levels. (e.g. I just learned about the "official nod")

    From the whispers I hear, it was a deemed a nod was the best form of greeting b/c Katie Ta Achoo is a hand model as well as the 36th Level Mac Pubah, and she doesn't want to risk her precious assets by touching the commoners. :D
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    Heck yea, I don't know what kind of hand diseases I'd get from touching the commoners. Eewww.

    :D:D :p

    I kid, I kid!

    It'd be so cool if we could start a secret handshake, though. :p
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    *violent sneeze, wipe nose w/ sleeve* What do you mean diseases? We don't got no stinking diseases!

    It could be just like fight club...

    The 1st Rule of Macin' Friends is:
    You do not talk about Macin' Friends.
    The 2nd Rule of Macin' Friends is:
    You do not talk about Macin' Friends.
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    How bout you guys with the new Macbooks? Will you look down on the guys (me) with the Powerbook? Who knows maybe Mac users will begin to start gangs and beat up on thier own kind...

    The Old school Apple Revolution has started...:eek:

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    Nah, I simply call 911 and say that some tatoo'd punks in local gang colors are running around the neighborhood stealing computer equipment. :D
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    You gotta roll with the punches. Working in primarily Windows-centric environments, I've become used to being confronted about being a Macintosh user. I'm fairly non-confrontational, so I let them spew vitriol or any legitimate gripes, with little response (these are pieces of hardware/software we're talking about, after all). Personally, I think it's better to know any and all alternatives so as to make an informed opinion, but... whatever. The common complaint was gaming, and I inform them that I don't use my Macintosh for gaming, and then proceed to inform them that, if I get the itch, all my gaming needs are met by Escape Velocity and the Marathon series. Now I just say two words, "Boot Camp."

    If I see someone with an Apple laptop or machine, I usually fire up a discussion with them to see how much they know; otherwise I will do the nod as well, though I'm not sure if they understand why I'm nodding. :D Other than that, I'm not too outward about my computing preferences, though I do have a few Apple stickers at work.
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    I dont think we have a attitude, its being different, people dont know how to communicate with us different people.. u know, were not "normal".

    Over here there are so few macs that when I see a mac I go over and strike up a conversation (if the owner is hot I might consider throwing in a hug:D ), even if the person is a total computer newb they always aprecaite the attention they get.
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    I once had an interview at an Apple reseller in the city but I didn't know where it was or how to get there. So I went into the transport information place and asked how do I get to this address and showed him the name and address of the shop. He instantly said "ahh..are you having your mac repaired there?" and I said no I have an interview there, and he said "well in that case I'm more than happy to help. If it was an IBM on the other hand..." lol :D

    So yes, a lot of mac users do have that attitude. It's like you suddenly realise you have this strange connection with a complete stranger lol
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    I usually make a quick exit in those situations, the smug clouds make it hard to breathe.
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    I generally had the opposite experience.. I would be happily connected to the wireless network and surfing away, and a Windows laptop user would ask "What settings did you use to get connected? I can't figure this out!" and I would say "I dunno, I just .. connected.. it just works for me.."

    Hey, I took that kind of subtle bashing from my Mac-using friends before I switched, so now it's my turn :D
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    I always give the 'nod' to fellow Apple users. It's surprising to me how many know exactly what you're doing, as opposed to just assuming you're some kind of weirdo. People usually have to talk to me for at least 30 seconds to come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, some kind of weirdo.;)
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