Is there ANY good reason to convert from AAC to Lossless.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by kavika411, Feb 9, 2007.

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    Thank you for reading this. Arguments about the value of lossless ripping aside, is there any good thing (even one good thing) which would come from converting an existing AAC file to lossless. Ninety percent of my library is ripped at lossless. The remaining 10% represents other stuff - such as purchased music - for which I have no physical CD to rip. Is there any value in converting that 10% to lossless? Thank you for your thoughts.
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    No, there is no value. The lossless conversion will not improve the quality of the audio file and will take up far more space (I think). Even if it takes up the same space, there's still no value.
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    just out of curiosity, what is the size difference between a AAC and a Lossless file?
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    My experience is that the size difference between a song ripped at 128 and a song ripped at lossless varies between 4.0X and 5.5X. As a rule of thumb, I say a lossless file is five times as large as a 128 AAC. If you rip at 190 or so, that difference becomes smaller, but I don't have experience with that.
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    All my CDs are AAC 160. My mp3s are whatever I got them in back in the Napster days. And of course my iTMS are AAC 128. I just can't justify the space that Lossless would take up.
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    Maxwell Smart

    It would not make any sense. Your files are already encoded at 128kbps, so even if you converted them to Apple Lossless, they would retain the 128kbps sound quality level. Now, if you ripped a CD directly into Apple Lossless, then you would notice a difference, not the other way around though.
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    lord patton

    It would be useful to trick a friend.

    Give them two files, one at 128, and one in lossless that was converted from 128. But don't tell him the lossless started out as 128. Challenge him to tell the difference.

    But psych 101 aside, you'd just be wasting HDD.

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