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is there ANY POSSIBLE way to get a radeon 9800 in a 1.33Ghz powerbook 17"

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mishi, May 23, 2004.

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    is there ANY POSSIBLE way to get a radeon 9800 in a 1.33Ghz powerbook 17" if there is could someone please help me, i have a lot of legit cd keys i am willing to give away PLEASE help!!
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    Thats pretty much the simplest way of putting it.

    The mobile radeon 9600 is one sweet chip on its own so you shouldnt worry.
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    I didn't even know there was a mobile 9800? :confused:
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    There isnt. He was talking about the full sized version.
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    Here's what you need to do:

    First, get a master's degree or higher in computer engineering from an ABET accredited university.

    Then, reverse engineer the Radeon 9800 to figure out how ATI built the thing, from the ground up. Figure out how to pack the 9800's architecture into a PCMCIA card, or redesign the Powerbook's motherboard to accept your new 9800 design.

    Finally, construct a $100 million fabrication plant. Construct your design from the previous step.

    That should pretty much do you. Now then, as per the deal, I'd like to get those legit CD keys. You can email them to me or ypager me. Thanks a bunch!
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    hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahah lol.

    i don't have a 17 inch pbook but would you mind telling me how to put the ATI Radeon X-800 into my 600m? I don't mind if my computer melts.
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    I thought not, and in that case this has just won my "dumb thread of the year" award :rolleyes:
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    You are only offering the CD Keys, nobody is going to give the 'secret' away for such a piddly little offer of compensation.

    Especially when they could go to jail for sending you the paperwork needed to complete the operation.

    aka, we could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you if you didn't cough up a big enough reward for the information. ;)
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    HMMMMMMMM ok then
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    lol, ok guys thanx 4 the help and the answer is quite obviously no, oh it is an honor to win the "dumb thread of the year" award, mabey i'd have more luck putting the mobile 9700 128 mb like the really new powerbooks have would that be easier and would apple let me? there is another question for the gurus to answer, thanx
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    Why the hell did you buy a laptop if you want to do upgrades to it, the only thing you can do on laptops is memory & HDD.
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    Well...processor too if its x86. ;)
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    Perhaps, but even then, it's not a regular thing to try and do.
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    you can upgrade apple laptops processors as well, i dont know why you would at this point since they aren't past a 167mhz FSB.

    can you buy a Mac ATI 9700 laptop edition? if so sign me up. my 12 inch needs a 9700 with a 7200rpm HD :D.
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    bacause im a boader @ school and i'm not allowed to have a desktop because sum1 was caught with "unacceptable material" on it and i like the mac laptops
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    um, you can have "unacceptable material" just as easily on laptops as desktops... :rolleyes:
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    yea u can in a 15" and 17" but sadly not in a 12" )=
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    yea i think is is stupid 2!
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    However it is far easier to steal laptops in the middle of the night to scan for these "inappropriate materials", so if you get a Mac make sure you have user accounts and an open firmware password set up.
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    i meant after market, obviously you can get it inside the 15 and 17 since they come with it.
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    Could it be done.... yes. The 9700 is pin compatible with the 9600 that is in your current Powerbook.

    Unfortunately, your 9600 is soldered onto the motherboard, and it would void your warranty to swap the chips.

    Besides, except for playing intensive 3D games at unrealistic high resolutions you won't see a significant improvement with the 9700 and 128MB of VRAM. Baerfeats is showing improvements of 3-7 fps.... not worth the cost and effort imho.
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    Jeez guys :rolleyes: of course there is a way, you just need a hammer, a good excuse , and apple care
    !!!! :D
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    Speaking of this...

    Speaking of this, wasn't ATI supposed to to be presenting an upgrade-able [mobile] graphics processor about the same time the NVidia was (I heard they are bringing this out, but I haven't seen anything yet), even though they are in talks to slow down the product advancement but hardliners got pissed at this concept and deep sixed the whole deal... Article

    But if we go back to the original question "...way to get a radeon 9800 in a 1.33Ghz powerbook...", we don't want to lead him astray: I think yes, you can... but you might have trouble closing the case again as things are crammed in really tight... of course, you'd also have to break up the 9800 into little bits to fit in all the small spaces that Apple engineers left behind... this will probably end up with the laptop non-functional, and the Radeon9800, well, "in little pieces" and "working well" never go in the same sentence... :D

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    oh sorry, my mistake,i think it u would be able to get 1 aftermarket, i don't think that u can buy them direct from ATI i don't know how u would gat one

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