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Is this a good deal? (G5 PM) (Help! I need to decide soon!)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Ryan T., Jun 17, 2005.

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    Ryan T.

    Hey all, I have a couple hours to snatch this up if I want it.

    Stock PM G5 Rev A 1.6Ghz
    768MB RAM
    etc etc

    perfect condition, no applecare


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    Buy it! If you don't I will haha :) Where did you find a deal like that! :eek:
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    Ryan T.

    A friend of a friend. He says it's like new, I think I'm going to do it.
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    Ryan T.

    hey all, i have to let him know w/i an hour..

    anyone else?

    am i stupid not to?
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    Like Chrispy said BUY IT. It's a very good deal.
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    yeah thats a good deal, I'm about to sell my dual 2.5
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    Ryan T.

    thanks for the help. have to swing by compusa and pick up an airport card too :)
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    Ryan T.

    Got it :) Having trouble getting the Aiport to work, but other than that, smooth sailing.
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    Ryan T.

    found out he didn't give me the antenna

    haha but a nice macrumors member is helping me out!
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    Why did that "friend's friend" wanted to sell it? Especially for 800$???
    :D just curious
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    Ryan T.

    He bought it 2 years ago when they first came out, and decided Macs weren't for him. It's been sitting unused for 1.5+ years (and it shows, there wasn't even dust in the case).

    Now he's moving, and rather tan lug around a computer he doesnt use, he wanted some cash. He actually was asking $1000, but since time was of the essence, he accepted an $800 offer :)
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    Lucky you! I wish somebody offered the same deal to me... :D

    Ha! its cheaper than eMac :eek:
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    Ryan T.

    :) I'm really enjoying it. I bought an Airport card for it, and I'm going to get a little more RAM in there. It's going to fly :)

    Great situation for me, as I can admit (although painfully) that I don't need a Dual G5 for what I do, as I suspect many here don't. That being said I would buy one if money wasn't an issue. But with the cheapest Dual G5 1200 dollars more, this will suit me just fine.
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    Sometimes I ask myself: "why to i NEED iMac G5"? Yes i definetely WANT it to play games, and to do the same stuff that I do today + maybe Motion and Cinema 4D :D

    But i dont NEED it. Arghhh :mad:

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