Is this a Lion or iMac thing?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by roland.g, Sep 9, 2011.

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    On my 24" iMac which I have a Magic Trackpad for, I can use the trackpad to wake up the computer (which is only sleeping the screen and not the HDD) just by touching it. Barely a swipe and the screen comes on.

    On my new 27" iMac which also has a trackpad, I have to press to click on the trackpad to wake it. Same settings as far as tap to click and display sleeps but drives do not.

    The 24" is still running 10.6 while the 27" came with Lion.
    Is Lion the reason I have to click the trackpad as opposed to just touching it to wake it. I couldn't find any settings in the OS for that.
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    It's a lion thing.
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    Not necessarily a Lion thing:

    I'm using a Magic Trackpad with my 17" UB MBP and 10.7.1 Lion. Both it, and the built-in trackpad will wake the display with just a tap (not hardware click). I would suggest going to Bluetooth preferences and remove the trackpad - then add it back and verify your settings.

    I have tap-to-click, 2-finger tap for secondary click, and 3-finger drag enabled (along with most of the other gestures enabled, with three finger options changed to four).

    The only change I've noticed is that my Magic Mouse won't wake the display with just movement - it must be clicked (of course, there's no tap-click - only physical).
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    It IS a Lion thing; in fact, your very answer confirms that.

    It's obvious that the Magic Trackpad has no physical button - therefore, tap to click works in the SAME way as a mouse button (unless otherwise configured in System Preferences).

    What the OP asked was whether a simple swipe/movement would wake the display (not the computer itself) - for Lion, Apple has decided that it DOESN'T. Swiping/moving cursors only work while the screen saver is still active, NOT with a display under sleep.
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    The Magic Trackpad does have a physical button. The two front feet "click" when the trackpad is pressed. They are connected together internally, and retract together into the case when the surface is pressed down.

    Since I use the trackpad on a soft surface (couch arm rest), and because of the above method to perform a physical "click", i must use tap-click and three-finger drag.

    Tapping (not physically "clicking") the Magic Trackpad or built-in trackpad will wake a sleeping display.
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    I have an early Mac Pro and I just need to touch (not press) my Magic Trackpad to take my computer out of sleep.

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