Is this Bag Too Girly?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Trapped Wind, Aug 13, 2010.

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    I just bought this bag last weekend and have been using it for my iPad to and from the office. My wife says it's too girly. lol.

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    That is fairly female looking. But if you want to carry it, carry it. Who cares.

    Get a bedazzler and go for broke. Maybe some feathers.
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    I hope you have a same-sex marriage.. cause that bag doesn't scream manly or butch to me. :)
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    are u male or female?

    that is clearly a coach purse from their poppy line.

    i mean if u like it carry it but, it would look better on a girls arm
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    I just thought I'd add a little humor to the site since we all spend our time talking about small leather goods.
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    I like the shape of it.
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    Nah, go nuts. Though I happen to prefer one of these for my computer.

    Did the bag cost more than the iPad? :p

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    My "goods" are gigantic, thank you very much. ;)
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    Haha, take that bag with you on a late night out and I'm sure you'll get a lot of male attention...
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    You didn't refute the leather bit though... :eek:
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    What is leather but tanned hide? Were my hide top be tanned in that locale, "leather" it may be. But gigantic.. yeah, I'm sticking to that one.
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    If your a guy.. Gay or straight don't get that. Get a Jack Bauer bag if your looking for a man purse.
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    Are you kidding me? How the hell do you have a wife?
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    He is indeed kidding you.
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    Wow, that's too girly even for me. :p
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    Strangely, I don't find it girly (nor manly).. just garish.

    Like a Miami-based clown threw up on a horrible purse whilst I was tripping on massive amounts of LSD.

    Something like that.
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    Haha didn't see your last post :D
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    OP needs to learn how to properly dispense humor.
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    You sir, have made me 'LOL'.
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    Not if your gay!
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    This is a joke right? That you even have to ask if this bag is too girly? Should be more like "Is this bag too girly and ugly?"
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    I hope you're joking, although there is absolutely nothing funny about that comment.

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