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Is this for real (white MBA)?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by oc63rag, Jul 8, 2013.

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    My Macbook Air also has a Windows key on the keyboard. ;)

    It's either a scam or the guy made it a Hackintosh. The fact that he doesn't even show pictures of it powered on should be a red flag.
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    Ports are all wrong, the power port is all wrong, the windows key on the keyboard. No its not an MBA :p
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    Not a mac but thats pretty cool.
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    How could it be a Macbook Air for only $295, even used? :D
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    Do u have to ask? Apple laptop with a removable battery, really?

    Are you the seller? Free advertisement?
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    As stated in the original post, no I'm not the seller. How is your reply even remotely helpful?
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    Clearly not an Apple product. Even the words "MacBook Air" are crooked :D

    And, gasp, a removable battery! How un-Apple like! :eek:
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    Lol doesn't even run OS X!

    What a piece of junk
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    I'm actually interested in how many people actually fall for it.
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    The logo in the first image is skewed. The font is also wrong. How could this possibly be even slightly legitimate?

    The top case looks alright, I'll admit, but the bottom is fracking ugly. Vents everywhere, horribly-recessed ports, there is no question Apple had nothing to do with that machine.
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    $295 is a great deal for a MBA
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    And not so much for a fake one.
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    It would be, if really was a MBA.
  16. rabidz7, Jul 8, 2013
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    Everyone, report the craigslist post as spam!
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    If you took the time to read the OP, you'd know it's not spam.
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    knock off from China
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    The guy needs to pick up some 409 and clean his dishwasher (pic 4). :eek: Nasty.
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    I meant the post on craigslist, how is selling pc as a mac not spam?
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    You didn't say report the craigslist post at first. The post in this forum is not spam. Neither is the craigslist post, but rather simply a scam.
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    To the OP: If you even had to ask if this thing is legitimate, my advice to you is to NEVER conduct any financial transaction through the means of the Internet. For your own sake.
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    If it actually runs osX that would be cool
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    Looks homemade. I mean, surely even a chinese knockoff would have the lettering straight...

    I made something like this a few years back with an MSI Wind netbook that I hackintoshed. An apple from the lid of a 12" powerbook and some patient cutting skills, a clean paint job, some small font rub-on transfers and a clear coat for the keys, and you can make something like this in just a couple days time. Of course, I actually got the lettering straight, and sanded the windows symbol off.

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