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is this old poster legitimate?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by satirev, Sep 18, 2012.

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    any opinions on whether this is authentic or not?


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    Looks like it to me. eBay 'jobby'?
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    looks like the real deal, but I am no expert on posters
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    i purchased it on ebay today
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    I think I remember someone in the marketplace was selling some expensive :apple:posters, maybe try to find the thread and ask the TS of the thread.
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    Size? I have the real deal at home, I can check those if you wish? ;)
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    its 18 x 24
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    Hmmmm...tough one! It seems legit, but impossible to tell without checking in person :eek:

    It looks real though, and its definitely worth 50$ even if its not genuine ;)
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    LOL when I read the topic I thought you were just calling out some poor elderly forum contributor :eek:

    In other news: damn that's still the best looking Nano ever.
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    I remember the picture; never saw it in poster form though.

    Now if I could just find my durn iPod Nano Gen 1 and swap it for the clip version...
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    Definitely had this nano back in the day
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    Sweet, thats what I paid for it. I think Im going to get this framed and put it away for the future.
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    I know ;)

    This poster is the first poster in a serie of 5. In the other posters, the hand is holding the iPod in the bottom part. Your poster is the hardest to find! :D

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