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iSkin Cases for iPad released

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by JCT, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. JCT
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    Oh brother-- I really like their cases. This is going to be a tough decision as I usually do not like silicon...


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    The Vu is $64.99??? :eek:
  3. Rvn
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    wow they a fugly!
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    Wow...gotta agree! Just looked at the link. They scream "I do gay porn on the side". The not-so-masculine dude with the pot-smokin'-hippie sock on his head doesn't help!

    Wow...just WOW?

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    *coughs* $64.99? *coughs. Damn that's expensive. I'll keep my apple iPad case for now
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    iSkin was always expensive, why are you so surprised?? Usually when you buy an iSkin case it should be you final case..
    I really like the Duo's design!
  7. JCT
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    Yes, their iPhone cases were in the mid-30 range and they are exceptionally well made.

    I agree abut the Duo-- that is my problem, I don't normally like silicon cases, but not sure about the Vu.
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    iSkin's site is hammered from demand lol.
  9. JCT
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    No joke, Holy crap -- the iPad isn't just the golden goose for Apple....
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    Aside from the price, I don't hate the Vu. I'm actually thinking of a color I would get it in. Black and Orange in the running. I do prefer a case to have a cover and is why I like the Apple case, but I will give the Vu some thought if reviews become positive.
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    Not including that cleavage he is showing. :confused:
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    These are terrible. I loved the iSkin Solo for the 3GS, if they made something exactly like that for the iPad that could fit in the iPad dock it would be much, much better.
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    Okay, so the design of the product is pretty ugly. But it's not quite ugly enough to be truly repulsive or dismissed as an immediate failure. What we are seeing here is what happens when a potentially okay product gets horrific marketing.

    Talk about trying too hard to be cool. Possibly the dorkiest, most cornball, most contrived website of its category. Embarassing.

    To think of all the really fantastic designers, photographers and marketers who could use some work, and the product ends up in the hands of a bunch of lameasses.

    Tsk tsk tsk.
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    What's ugly about this case?

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    I've been a big iSkin fan -- until now. These new cases are, as someone else said, "fugly"... not to mention expensive. I've not been impressed with most of their recent iPhone offerings, either.

    The Macally Metrolpad is, in my opinion, the best case going for the iPad. And it's less than $30 if you buy it through Amazon.com (don't buy direct from Macally/Unitek).
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    I got an iSkin Vu yesterday in Puma (Black)

    The big question. Is it worth the price? Not really. That is to say, it is not a bad case, but I find the price to be too high for what you get. $40 would be reasonable.

    Do I like it? Quite a bit. I like the look and feel of the case, and I do feel like it is adequately protected.

    The one major draw back is the removable rear hatch. It is not "attached" very well. It is pretty much wedged between the plastic with one groove at the top and fits "snugly" to the bottom. With all the aftermarket stands, I don't think the hatch was necessary at all. I wold have preferred a solid body.
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    Yes they are both pricy but the Duo is a great case. I'll be getting the Vu very soon and post my review on it. Here is my review on the Duo for iPad.
    I think it's a beautiful and comfortable case.

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    I think i have gotten to used to the bezel being exposed to go to a case that covers part of it, yet i would have bought something like this before the Speck Candyshell "back then".

    I find myself "flicking" up and over to scroll and I am such a creature of habit running into it might bug the crap out of me. It would be nice to be able to try it on one before I bought. I'd say one of my iPad owning friends could go first, but ha, I don't have any! LOL!!

    Thanks for the review and video. This shall stay on my radar for now.
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    I too thought this would be a problem but iSkin really did a good job at it. The part that covers the bezel sticks on very well and you cannot peel it off by flicking your finger. Also, they made it gradually thinner when getting closed to the edge so it really doesn't bother the user :)
  21. DPH
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    Hey! i have used my iSkin Duo for iPad some weeks now! and i love it! took some time to get used to it, but its really great!

    i use both iskin solo FX for my iPhone and iSkin duo for iPad! great products!
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    I feel your indecision. Deciding to get an iPad was easy compared to case decisions

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