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Isn't Safari Better Than FireFox?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by GodBless, Mar 13, 2005.

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    I was just wondering since I use Safari (because I don't like Firefox's features as much) what you guys thought of the pros and cons of Firefox and Safari.

    I like Safari because it has more keyboard shortcuts than Firefox (such as a keyboard shortcut option to switch from tab to tab). Lots of keyboard shortcuts are what really make browsers a lot faster. I also like Safari because it has built-in spell checking unlike Firefox. Safari loads pages faster than Firefox also.

    Firefox is good because it has a customizable search bar unlike Safari. It also has a colorful toolbar, unlike Safari, but it has an ugly MicroSlop Windoze interface.

    Overall I like both browsers, but I use Safari because of speed. I think that speed is the most important thing about internet browsing.

    What do you guys think?
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    I use both however thats because Firefox is running on the PC, which allows me to have a Safari like experience on the PC (Having tabs, faster etc)

    I'm quite happy with Safari on the Mac, sure it may have its faults as people might say but for me its a good browser :)
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    mad jew

    I reckon Safari looks heaps better, it's integrated with the OS more comprehensively and it covers all my needs really well. If you're really interested in the different browsers available in OSX, search the forums because there are quite a few threads with some interesting things to say on a countless number of alternatives.

    If Safari didn't exist, I'd probably use Camino which comes across as a smaller (less bloated) and better looking FireFox. It's by the same crew I think. :)
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    On the Mac, I ike Safari better... It actually feels like a real Mac app, and doesn't use the crappy "fake" toolbar like Firefox does - I agree, Firefox still has a bloated/Windows-esque feeling to it. I avoid it if possible - The only reason I ever use it for is website testing.

    Don't get me wrong - Firefox is a great browser, but it's a heckuva lot better on Windows.

    Whenever I need Mozilla on OS X, I always use Camino. It's a "real" Mac app, using Cocoa and real toolbars. The latest nightly builds have become faster than Firefox on Macs, too.
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    I use firefox because on my network it renders slightly faster, has better short cuts and has a nicer GUI/
    On my 20" imac the Safari tabs are too small, pressing command and T for each tab is annoying and i just don't think the brushed metal look is good for a browser. I would love to see more of the new Mail GUI, with kinda fun looking GUI.
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    Safari feels like it chews up less on the system resources front - it also feels more "Apple" to me.

    Firefox is useful for when Safari can't handle a particular webpage.

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    One word: Extensions.

    There for, Firefox wins...that and Firefox is faster for me :D
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    I like Safari because I can use cocoa gestures with it.
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    Doesn't the icky-feeling GUI and toolbar bug you?
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    In accords to preference, I say YES to Safari. :)
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    I don't find any of FF "icky" in the slightest.
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    I don't see that big difference between Firefox and, lets say, Mail:

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    I don't find FF icky on MacOS either, although if you really do, there's always Safarish. :) Which I gave up for pizzach's theme. :cool:
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    I think Safari's better than Firefox.
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    I guess its just a matter person taste

    Of course Firefox has got a feature or two that Safari doesn't but I'm not bothered
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    It's not the look that bugs me - The toolbar buttons seem to "stick" longer than real toolbar buttons. I also hate how it brings the customization sheet up in a separate window.

    And I know, Firefox has extensions yadda yadda, however Safari nowadays has equivelants for a lot of FF plugins; take for example, PithHelmet, which blocks ads in Safari - even Google text ads.

    Camino is maturing into a nice little browser as well, with latest builds being blazing fast and featuring a pop-up blocker exception list (like firefox).

    I just don't see the hype around FF for Mac. I like it as a Linux/BeOS/Windows browser, but it just doesn't fit my tight specifications for a good Mac app.
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    Artful Dodger

    I was using Safari since it came out but as of late i've been using FireFox.
    Safari became slow and has had some minor but frustrating "bugs" that I have reported so with that said it's FF for now.
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    For me it's firefox, extensions are great. And for those who haven't realized it's there type about:config into the url bar of firefox. The other thing I like about firefox is that it gets new features often.

    All that being said, I'm really hoping that safari 2 will really be the improvment it should be.
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    Just out of curiousity, what do you mean by this one? I'm not sure I've seen this. Are you talking about .css files, or the about:config page, or are you talking about how the preferences window doesn't have a normal bar at the top?
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    No, I'm talking about the toolbar customization sheet - the one you get when you right-click a toolbar and click "Customize". In normal Mac OS X apps, this brings up a toobar customization sheet; Firefox breaks this Aqua guidline, however, and shows it in a separate window. Here's an example:


    Also, in Firefox, contextual menu items are tool tall, and they don't even blink once unlike a normal OS X menu, which blinks twice.
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    Ahhh, I see what you mean now. Thanks for the enlightening. :)
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    well for started on x86 machines firefox has to be better as it has to compete with internet eplorer which it is doing nicely by the end of the year i beleive firefox will start being used in the workplace and only server machines will be using IE to download the updates simply because its got great features and is becoming supported by more and more websites

    also to note that IE7 will be an extra feature in the new windows where you wil ahve to pay an extra fee to get it (meaning that have asperate update interface) meaning that microsoft will still be shipping windows next year with ie6 with its ultr aout of date features

    but meh safari rocks ive used it a little and its got a nice sliky feel to it like a mac should have :D
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    Well, if you're going to go *there*, I don't think anyone in this thread will accuse FF/Mac of being less pleasant to use than IE6 on WinXP. :eek:

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