Issue with G4 ibook 14" screen going black?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by macbrooke, Nov 27, 2008.

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    I just bought this used, after my 12" ibook fell off my bed and died.

    I have noticed the screen goes black for no reason when I am using it...
    if I close it and let it go to sleep and then re-open it .. it comes back on.
    This is sooo confusing.

    I am feeling a bit annoyed that the seller must have known about this and the dead battery when he sold it to me :mad:
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    I have heard that the weak point on -books is the monitor connection through the hinge. Try looking there. Also what happens when you move the display around when it goes off. Does it come back on?
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    its probably the video chip on your logic board. costs more to fix than the computer is worth, sorry to say it but i think its time for an upgrade...
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    Well when I move it it does not seem to do anything. If I close the computer and let it go to "sleep" and then open it again and wake it, it comes back on just fine.

    Its doing it a lot actually... I had heard this can be a sensor problem?

    Video chip? would there not be other signs?
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    I know this thread did not get many replies.. but I wanted to update.

    It was NOT the logic board.. it was absolutely the power supply/adaptor I was using.

    No more black screen.
  6. kba
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    I am having a simliar issue with my ibook. It happens randomly, the black screen. Either it goes to sleep, wakes up from sleep and then its back to normal. I did recently have to get a new power adapter from Apple and I wonder if its the same thing. When it happens, the power adapter green light is still on. how did you identify the problem?

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