Istanbul Apple Store Taking Shape Ahead of April Launch

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    Turkey's first Apple Store is nearing completion, as seen in new photos posted by Turkish Apple blog ElmaDergisi (via AppleToolbox). Taken on March 24 and 25, the images show the progress on the upcoming Istanbul location.

    Located in the heart of Istanbul's multi-use Zorlu Center, the store is said to feature a concept that includes a design with a cubic glass ceiling. As can be seen in the photos, the wooden frame covering the building has been removed, but the structure itself, said to be entirely glass, remains under wraps.

    According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Istanbul store will be unique among Apple retail locations, spanning more than 20,000 square feet with a portion of the store located underground.

    The Istanbul Apple Store is rumored to open on Friday, April 4. Both Tim Cook and Turkish president Abdullah Gül are both expected to attend the opening.

    Article Link: Istanbul Apple Store Taking Shape Ahead of April Launch
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    I'm curious, is there a list of all Apple Stores ordered by size in square meters? :confused:
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    Funny to see an Apple store being built in front of Crate and Barrel store in Istanbul. Just saying...
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    the president?

    I can see inviting the mayor or governor, but the president himself almost makes this a political endorsement.

    Also if the shape is as it appears from the outside, connections have already been made with NYC store and a certain location revered as holy by many Turks. If they see that symbol used as a bastion of consumerism and affluenza they will either be really honored or really upset, but I would almost put my money on the latter.

    Royal Dutch Shell performs constant global "what if" games to prepare for even the most unlikely global or regional crisis and hopefully avoid them. I hope Apple did likewise with this building.
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    I wonder if the iDevices that will be sold in that Apple Store will have a customised version of iOS without Twitter integration :D
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    I assume that will be concrete or pavement surrounding the cube. But right now it looks like a reflecting pool, and that would look awesome: a glass cube surrounded by a moat, a neo-modernist castle. They could have a glass drawbridge for the entrance.
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    I don't think I would feel safe working there.
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    This is in Istanbul? Not Constantanople?
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    It's nobody's business but the Turk's.
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    Dude, is that a skatepark next to it? That'd be sweet.
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    The thick of it
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    At first glance I thought it was Cristo up to his old tricks. That, or Hajj.

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    Well,let's put it this way.

    Christopher Columbus's voyage to the America in 1492
    The USA was founded On July 4, 1776.
    What was it called before 1776 or even 1492?

    And we call one of our nicest cities Istanbul since 29th May 1453.It's simple as that :)

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