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    Well, I switched because of my Major. This Fall I'm going into Visual Communication. And ever since I got my Sony D8 camcorder I have wanted a Mac (I'm a videographer as a hobbist). However, I purchased my PowerBook G4 1Ghz because of the 6 months without payment offered by Apple when I bought it. In 6 months I'll already have an on-campus job and will be able to make the payments. Ever since getting my Mac I've had a few crashes (mostly with my own error or with the thing overheating). But all-in-all I'm glad I switched. Going bad to a PC is just so unbearable. I finally had to give my desktop PC to my Mom. Granted I can't play GTAIII or Mafia, but at this point in my life games are getting pretty dull (never been good at games anyway). Anyway my Adobe Digital Video Collection is supposed to arrive today so that is a good feeling. I also liked the fact that re-installation only takes about 3 hours opposed to all day with a PC. I moved OSX and 9 to different partitions, which explains my need to reinstall. The only thing I gripe about is how unorginaized the preferences folder is. I wish they'd delete if the main app was deleted. Other than that I'm pretty satisfied.
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    glad you like it. if your having an overheating problem, call apple. that should not be happening and wont go away.
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    Oh, I found out it wasn't an overheating problem. Just that Finder's preferences were on the fritz. I haven't had a crash since deleting them.
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    Not bad! You've already learned the troubleshooting tip that solves most mac problems! Chuck the preferences!

    (And that TiBook's not a bad gaming machine--check out and to download free demos.)

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