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Isync and Motorola phones

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Dreadnought, Nov 17, 2004.

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    Hi Everyone.

    I really need a cool new phone which has everything like the Moto razr V3 and has to look nice as wel. So therefor my choice fell on the above mentioned phone. But I just looked at the iSync's support page on Apple's website and this phone isn't mentioned. All the other Motorola's can only be synced through a wire, even if they have Bluetooth. My question is, did anyone find away to get his or hers Motorola to sync using Bluetooth? Especially the razr V3! Please share your experience!
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    I have the V600 - great phone - crappy syncing. I can use Bluetooth to download/upload photos and ringtones to the phone but to use iSync (should be renamed imSunk) for contacts, calendar, etc. you have to use a data cable. This is not cool but at least it's better than before they updated iSync and there was NO Motorola support. At that time I had to use third party syncing software - at least that let me do everything via Bluetooth.

    As cool as the razr phone looks I wouldn't get it specifically because of the hampered BT connectivity. I'd wait until next year when Moto comes out with their iTunes enabled phones - i'll bet by then iSync will be working via BT. And besides, why spend almost $800 on a phone anyway - get a 60 GB color iPod and a used V400 or V600 off of eBay instead.
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    You are probably right, just wait a couple of month's more and we have itunes phones. But the razr is sooo beautifull. BTW, I saw somewhere on internet (but can't find it anymore) someone who also had a V600 and got the syncing with bluetooth to work. It was somewhere in a forum. So I know thos possible.
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    iSync and the v600

    Hi Dreadnought,
    I have a v600 and in order to actually sync with Apple's iSync, you have to have a "USB hot sync" cable(which i do). Using this cable i have full funtionality with the phone and iSync. Anyways, i PM'd you about this as well...but i'm thinking of selling/trading my phone. Let me know if you are interested.
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    I've read nearly every thread on the V600 and have not yet found a way to use iSync with Bluetooth. Like I said before - there are 3rd party programs that work but none of them do everything that iSync does.

    I know the razr is cool and all but really, $800 for a phone that you know will get a serious update in 3-4 months is a bit silly.
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    Isync 1.5 should work with newer motorola phones?

    I do not know if you guys have updated to Isync 1.5, but I can use all its features with the motorola v80 (which is not on the list of compatible phones). The v80 phone interface is used for both the V600 and Razr phone if I'm not mistaken. Although bluetooth support does not work. I have to use the actual wired connection for isync to recognize my phone.

    Perhaps you just need to buy a wire instead of using BT.

    Hope this helps
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    I bought my G5 with internal bluetooth just for the case i was gonna get a new phone. No way that I am gonna hook it up with a cable, that's soooo yesterday :D Too bad for Motorola, but I think I will postpone my purchase with a couple of months. Owh, and Norcal, sorry, but I am not interested in buying your V600. A friend of mine has it, and it is a good phone, with a good camera in it. But I will wait a little bit longer for the newer generation which are supported by Apple!

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