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It comes to my surprise that iOS 7 is not even optimized for iPhone 5S

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by leanh1991, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Ok so I just took my iphone 5S today.

    Rushed out to buy this model because I thought iOS 7 is optimized for A7 chip already. However, when I tried to use the phone the sluggish animations still appeared and there are even some glitches when using the multitasking tray. To be honest I felt like I am using an Android phone instead of the golden standard iPhone. One of the bug I can reproduce in every iPhone model is the double status bar: when u are in an app, double click to enter the multitasking tray and then swipe up immediately to close the app, another status bar appears.

    However, amazing things are the Touch ID app when I could assign my finger as a passcode to unlock my phone, iTunes Radio and Siri. They worked very well especially Siri when she recognized exactly my accent, which did not happen in iOS 6.

    So I guess 7.0 is just an early stage of the new iOS, and it needs more works to be more polished? What are your thoughts?
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    On the bright side, Apple will likely keep patching bugs at a fast rate. And, it won't have to get carrier approval before pushing these updates out to its users.
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    The double status bar bug is related to apps that have not yet updated themselves for iOS 7. This is the fault of those app developers, not an issue with the phone or iOS 7.
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    It only does it when you close the app next to the springboard app. If you move one app over it doesn't do that. Its probably picking that up from the Springboard. Still looks off.
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    The animation speed is set by Apple, it has nothing to do with the speed of the device.
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    I heard Apple released 7.0.1 update for the 5S and 5C. Go to settings > general > software update and check please.
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    Nope. I can consistently do it with Calendar and Photos.
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    The animations are not "sluggish" due to the hardware. That is by design. You may find them "Sluggish" but I don't find these new animations get in the way at all.
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    I'm not convinced - I get the same issue using Mail.app!
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    Are you talking about a double status bar (ie, where it says carrier, time, battery), or a duplicate icon for the app with no app window showing? I think I've confused what the OP was referring to.
  11. EJ8
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    Exactly. They WANT them this speed.
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    Status bar is the top bit with carrier, time and battery.

    Here is the feedback I sent to Apple so you can replicate the issue.

    1. Launch Photos

    2. Double click for multitasking.

    3. Close Photos, or which ever app is next to Springboard.

    You will see the status bar pulled in from the Springboard while still in multitasking view. This does not happen if you remove step 1 and just go to multitasking directly from the Springboard.
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    I don't see how people aren't bothered with them. It irritates me to unlock the phone and when I tap an app it won't open until the animation is done. Surely I am not the only one that can tap before its completed the animation.

    Speed it up Apple.
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    Gotcha. Yeah, I know what the status bar is but hadn't seen that issue before.
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    New to me as well, but it is a consistent bug.

    The worst part is, I never noticed it until he said something, and now I can't help but see it. LOL.

    Its bound to be fixed though.
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    I can replicate this bug on an iPhone 5 too. Will report to Apple too.
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    In my opinion iOS 7 lost its smoothness and fluidity of previous iOS version because of some minor glitches and I dont mind living with them until there is a patch.
    Overall I felt satisfied with what Apple provided in the 5S and hoped they will push out updates to optimize performance soon.
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    I can replicate this... I didn't even notice this until I tried it -- I don't think it's that big of an issue in general, but is something I imagine should be fixed.

    edit: on an iPhone 5
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    Well that puts that one to bed.

    I am keeping my 5 for another year. :D
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    If you notice, ios 7 often doesnt register the 1st tap when u go through multiple menus fast. This is the main prob of android... the unresponsivness of the UI. I really really hope Apple addresses this problem of the animations lag. DO send more lag reports to apple! We need to gather support for them to take action. At least give us the option of turning off the animations or speeding it up or overwriting the animations with inputs.
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    How does this break the OS ?
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    Please cite where I said it breaks the OS.

    Its a visual bug that should be fixed.
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    I'm not sure... There are bugs that were reported in earlier betas that never got addressed.

    Here's to hoping, though.

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