It would be cool if you could Text with iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by davidlw, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Just a thought but I think that it would be cool if you could Text Message from the iPad.
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    Yeah, I would love that.
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    its not a phone. can you text with a tv? computer?

    it makes no sense and this device was not built that way.
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    No, I know. I'm just saying, it would be sweeeet.
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    I send text messages from my iTouch all the time. Just use the text message format for the person's cell phone in the email client. Like for ATT
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    I think you'll be able to do it via bluetooth, you'll just have to pair it with your iphone and you'll be able to text
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    You'll be able to send messages from Google Voice, at the very least.
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    You can send text messages already by using TextFree, AIM, Skype, etc.

    Course from the same number as your phone...only Google Voice managed it and you'll have to jailbreak for that (or hope that Apple reallows the app back).
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    Yes you can. I have a mate who routinely sends out texts via his computer as part of his job roll. He finds it a far more effective tool than using e mail or written letters

    I have another mate who texts via his tv, he has a mac mini hooked up to his 50" TV

    It might not make sense to you, and that is fine we're all different, but texting on the iPad makes perect sense to me. It's something I'd use all the time if I could get an inclusiive unlimited texts package
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    Agreed. I found this thread while doing a search on my iPad trying to figure out how to do this very thing.

    /gravedig FTW
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    The iPhone dev team have hacked the iPad 3G to send text messages using a text/phone enabled SIM.

    Do a search had you can find the YouTube video of it!

    Whether they release it as a bit of software I don't know. Right now it uses command line terminal to send messages.
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    You know TXT messages are just emails to or whatever the wireless carrier is right? You can hit a phone from any email client if you know the number/provider suffix - they just can't reply...
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    You do realize there is a free texting app for the iPad???
    It's called textPLus
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    Textnow by enflick

    Works on iPad
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    Text+ I use it.... works fine.
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    I love Text+. I've used it on my iPad and it works great.
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    Google Voice for the win.
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    Do you need an app for Google voice or does it work from the browser?
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    I travel out of the country allot. I always text my gf from As stated above, send email to their phone number. She texts back from her iPhone and it always comes back to on my Macbook. I've never, ever had a problem with this.

    In fact, I just tested again on iPad and it works flawlessly. And you CAN reply just fine. Were both on AT&T iPhones.
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    I think I can throw away my iPhone now. :D
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    Well, it does have a cellular sim card with a phone number, so it's never out of the question
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    buy a google voice beta account invite on ebay for 99 cent and sms for free all you want.
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    Textfree unlimited works perfect even has different txt tones

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