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Italian scientists clone first horse!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by edesignuk, Aug 6, 2003.

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    Not Mac related I know, but interesting none-the-less.
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    Uh oh... watch the right wing explode...

    We got a long way to go, the Monkey family but...

    Next Stop:
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    Nice -- now we just need to clone Mr. Ed twenty or so times and put on an all-equine production of Richard III....
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, William Gibson had written off the horses in his future vision, due to some sort of horse plague, so this might help secure that from happening.

    What I'm curious about, though, are we going to go through a Noah's Ark of clones? Here they go, 1 by 1, until someone actually does a human.....

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    Remember that cat that was cloned?

    CNN said that it neither looked nor acted like the original. It had a different coat pattern, texture, and thickness along with a different temperment. I wonder if this horse will be anything like the original. And if it's not, what does this say? Does this mean that even if we cloned humans the clone would be a totallydifferent person?

    If that were the case, I think people wouldn't think about cloning. Honestly people, there are NO benefits of cloning humans. The earth is overpopulated as is. It would be unethical to overpopulate our planet any more than it already is.

    But i definitely see real uses for organ transplants, livestock, fish, repopulating an endangered species.... etc.
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    Man, I was totally going to bring that Gibson/horse stuff up. That was such a cool detail in Neuromancer.

    "Hey, Christ," the Finn said, taking Case's arm, "looka that." He pointed. "It's a horse, man. You ever see a horse?"
    Case glanced at the embalmed animal and shook his head.
    It was displayed on a sort of pedestal, near the entrance to a place that sold birds and monkeys. The thing's legs had been worn black and hairless by decades of passing hands. "Saw one in Maryland once," the Finn said, "and that was a good three years after the pandemic. There's Arabs still trying to code 'em up from the DNA, but they always croak."
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    I guess enough people would be interested in having more influence in the selection of their offspring... eliminate unwanted genes and such. *big sigh*.

    But I agree that there would be not much benefit. The "perfect child" will still be very different from the parents' expectations. Imagine the psychologial implications...
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    I agree -- I can't think of one person of whom this world needs another. (And that list starts with me!)
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    I just pray that the horse will be healthy. The name Prometea is very catchy!
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    The differences aren't really a shock. Identicle twins aren't always that identicle and are often very different kinds of people. Twins are natural clones remember.

    There may not be real benefits to society for a fully clones human, but studying how to grow cells and differentiate them is related to cloning research, and there are certainly huge benefits to that. Cloning research is legitimate. And of course some couples with one partner who is infertile might see some benefits to cloning so they can have a baby that doesn't have someone's else gentic material.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its not about benefits of cloning humans.

    Its the ultimate act of vanity to have yourself cloned. If it was available today people would be lining up for it.

    I think its just a matter of time, which is a bit sad.

    I saw Pluto Nash a couple weeks ago - the not so great Eddy Murphy space movie. One funny thing about it was a passing comment - 'Wasn't he the guy who cloned that old basketball player and made a whole team of clones.....what were they called.....Air Jordans' :D

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    From what I read about this, the big deal is that the cell that this horse was cloned from came from the mother that carried the foal to term. No one was sure if this was even possible before, it is somewhat like giving birth to your genetic twin. Very strange.

    Humans do not need to be cloned. We fornicate enough to provide a steady increase in our population already! However, we do need to do research into therapeutic cloning whereby we can grow new organs, limbs, tissue, etc. for people with disfigurments, injuries, disease, etc. so we can replace the defective part. Animal cloning is useful for ranchers who would benefit from a higher quality herd, but there are many questions to be answered before we do a whole lot of this. Same with the whole GMO thing with crops. Who wants corn that can't reseed itself? Oh yeah, the company that sold it to ya!

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