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iTMS 301kbps Songs

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Mr. Durden, Mar 24, 2005.

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    i did a search and didnt see anything directly related to this, so...

    All my songs from off the iTMS are 128kbps... with the exception of 1. When I purchased "Favorite Thingz" by Saigon, I noticed that it downloaded as 301kbps. Seems odd to me.

    I thought all the songs are supposed to be 128. Is there some flexibility allowing the labels to change it if they wish? Or, is this common and I'm only now noticing? :confused:

    Anyone else have this happen?
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    i have apporx. 145 songs from the iTMS and all of them are Protected AAC audio files at 128 kbps.

    maybe you found a fluke there or something? who knows
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    I second the fluke theory. All my iTunes Music Store songs are 128 kbps.
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    Ditto. All mine are 128.
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    Must be a random fluke. I just bought it to see what's up - Mine downloaded as 128 kbps.
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    i was wondering who was going to buy it to see if it download at 301

    i wonder though if maybe the info on the song is wrong?
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    Check file size...

    If you have another iTMS song with a length almost exactly the same as the weird one, you could compare their file sizes. They should be almost exactly the same if they're both 128, but the weird one should be around double if its really at 301. Of course, I don't know if iTMS encodes with VBR or CBR. That could make a difference.
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    Hmmm. The file size on mine is 4.3MB. Whats yours?
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    I just looked on the iTMS, and the length of the song is 1:44 ... and its 4.3MB? that cant be right if it really is 128kb/s

    I downloaded a few songs from the iTMS, heres one example

    Faith No More - Midlife Crisis. Length 4:21. Size 4.3MB

    and your file is the same file Size, but a quarter of the length... this is very interesting... could you provide a screen shot of the info in iTunes?

    I wish all my songs were in 300kb/s quality
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    Never done this... lets see if this works... :confused:

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    Of course, that would make it 20 GB iPod: 4,999 songs @ 128 KBPS AAC...

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    that is very interesting.... either something was screwed up in the system, and it thought it was a 301kb/s AAC file... or its a sign that Apple is going to start offering Higher-Quality VBR in addition to the 128.... personally, im rooting for the latter!!

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