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ITMS Just for you??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by watcher2001, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Anyone else noticed this.. At first I thought it looked at your purchase history and provided you selections based on that. But now I am wondering if it is not looking at my whole library. The reason I say this is that I am starting to see suggestions that are nowhere near related to my purchases..
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    I hope it started looking at my own library - a lot of purchases of mine from iTMS were for other people... when Just For You Beta began, Britney Spears was on my top suggestions list...
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    I noticed it last week...it doesn't really work too good for me because I haven't bought a lot from the music store in awhile but it is nice feature.
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    I don't think its looking at my whole Library but when your clicking on the "Already Bought" and "Don't like" options you are kinda showing what you have, mind you I have been showen a few albums before which I had already said I had so not sure if thats because its a beta or what
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    Thw whole problem with that is that I have not clicked on anything. The reason I am wondering is because it is suggesting Hall and Oates and I know I have not purchased that however I do have some in my library.
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    Guess you missed the other thread on this topic

    If you click on "see all" it tells you specifically why it is recommending a particular album for you, it doesn't do this for the individual tracks though. The album recommendations seem to come from tracks or albums you have bought on iTMS, or taht you have told it that you own, and not from your library. Dunno what it would to if you hadn't purchased any musinc from iTMS.

    Overall I prefer Amazon.com's recommendations as they give you much finer control on ther overall process. I wish iTMS would partner with Amazon so that it would be offered as one of the ways to purchase your recommendations. Doubt it'll happen.


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