iToner 1.0.3 with iPhone 1.1.1 Support

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Ambrosia has released iToner 1.0.3 today, which supports the iPhone 1.1.1 revision.

    iToner allows you to transfer MP3 or AAC files to your iPhone for use as custom ringtones. Unlike Apple's solution, this lets you use your songs without an additional per-song charge.

    Apple's last iPhone 1.1.1 update broke compatibility with previous versions of iToner, but the 1.0.3 update fixes this incompatibility. iToner sells for $15.00, with a fully functional trial available.

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    Well done!
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    It works perfect!

    Thanks to Ambrosia
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    I'm a bit new to this.

    Do I need to jail break my iPhone before I can install this, or does it just work?

    Oh I see, it says 'no hacks'. So this should be completely safe for my iPhone when I install any future Apple firmware, right?
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    No jailbreaking needed, it is a completely user friendly app :)
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    Thank you! You guys Rock!
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    I'm trying out the trial version. According to the post it says that it is a fully functional trial version. I've downloaded the trial version and I've synced the .mp3 files I want to make into a ringtone, but when it is done syncing, the song is on the list for 'Sounds' but it doesn't play anything. Am I doing something wrong here?
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    I am having the same problem is the trial actually functional or just a proof of concept?
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    Try importing to iTunes and playing the tracks first, then drag from iTunes straight to iToner. Also try quitting and restarting the app
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    Need a Vista (PC Version). Since my 1.1.1 Phone has SSH access would someone please "encode" the CTU ringtone for me and email it to me at - I assume I could then just drop it in the ringtones folder and it might work?

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    So happy this is back. So far it works great!
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    Promo Code

    Any chance of a Promo Code for us folks here at MacRumors?;)
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    jpturner: A Vista version?!?!?
    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

    Oh, stop it! You are too funny!
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    No one knows for sure but Apple. The 1.1.1 update made me restore, loosing some data on both phones despite backing up, on two phones - both had used iToner with no other "hacks" at all.
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    Will Ambrosia ever make an Itoner that will work with Windows? Anyone know?
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    This worked great. I had kept my phone at 1.0.2 until iToner was updated and the entire upgrade to 1.1.1 was smooth as silk. iToner remembered my ringtone selections and in one click put them back onto the updated iPhone.

    But I just paid for iToner. Don't make me whine for a rebate! :)
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    I'm also having the problem where everything seems to work fine, but no sound is played when I select the custom ringtone or when I receive a call. Any more ideas?
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    Fantastic!! :D This works flawlessly! Great job. :)
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    To all with problems...

    Try syncing more than one song. I was having difficulties too, but figured out that if I sync'd three songs, the second and third work fine - but the first still is silent. Seems buggy but works nonetheless. Good luck!

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    Yeah, I just bought the app... Worked great. Thanks for the dedication and commitment. :)
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    with apple's announcement of adding 3rd party functionality for the iPhone, I really really hope they don't break iToner again. I love this software! Thanks Ambrosia! :D
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    Laslo Panaflex

    Worked for me. Seems pretty silly that this issue of only syncing one song wasn't caught in testing.
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    Anyway to set the songs so when the phone "rings" it plays a certain part of the song.

    For example say you want the chorus instead of the begining, how can you do that with itoner?
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    crop it in garage band
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    I uploaded 4 ringtones at a time and they synced ok, but none of them played on the iPhone. But once I deleted them (from the trial version of the iToner app and the iPhone) and put them on again, they synced AND played. Not sure why. But all working now.

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