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iTrip banned in UK

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 31, 2003.

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    Sun Baked

    Use an iTrip in the UK and face prosecution as a pirate radio station. :eek:

    Wonder how the FM-band CD players for cars and the satellite Radio add-on systems get around it. :confused:
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    Can't say I've ever seen one, all I have ever seen over here are casette adapters :(
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    Why did they bastardize my entry? I submitted this link with a funny title. They should let the titles go that are funny to attract people to read the article. Like www.fark.com. Anywa. the title is gay now =(
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    Jerry Spoon

    Un-freakin-believable. That's what happens when laws don't keep up with technology.
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    I am going to venture to say not to feel too bad, UK'ers .. in my experience, radio broadcast devices (like the iTrip) work horribly. Abolutely terrible :( Use a casette adapter or something instead. The quality's better (and you don't have to fuss with trying to find a clear station and positioning the antenna sufficiently close to your car's antenna to even be able to listen to something that resembles your music). Mileage may vary though, I guess..

    Of course, it's the IDEA behind this banning that's really amazing (and stupid, IMHO) ...
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    Re: wtf

    It was my submission, I thought it was simple and secrete enough for people to click upon and find out why.
    But since you say so I guess the title is just gay, and I guess I'm gay now too, since I submitted it.

    So for future referance, may I ask what was your title? So that I may know how not to be so gay, in your opinion.
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    There were two submissions of the same link. This one was first.

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    Ahh.. sorry bud. Didnt mean to call it gay.. .. only called it gay because I thought they took mine and edited it. Mine was eh..i dont remember.. some remark about it being banned because of a law made in 1946 or whatever.. which should have nothing to do with **** now days. Was kind of funny I thought.
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    thaqt sucks. they need to update tat law.

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