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Its been fun...

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ajt1995, Aug 23, 2013.

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    I've had a blast here in iOS 7. I'm downgrading... iOS 7 just doesn't have the "snap" that iOS 6 did... when you pick up iOS 6 on an iPhone 5, you know THIS is the best phone in the world. Somehow, iOS 7 lost that. I think it's somewhere in the slow transitions. I'll be back for the GM. But if they don't do something, they might just lose me to Android... ;)

    And I've been to Android, I always come back to superior experience. Don't blow it, Apple. Don't blow it.
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    You will be missed, mate... You will be missed.
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    How dare you mention Android. Android on my Nexus 4 could not be any better.
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    Thanks. Actually, you gave me hope for the MacRumors forums just now. The general attitude in here would have likely jumped on my "useless, stupid post!" And they would have ranted on and on about how I have probably never even used iOS 7.


    Nor CyanogenMod on my NOOK. Dude, Not all Apple users are closed-minded.
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    I'm kinda torn. I hate the visuals, but I don't think Android in its current state looks much better, and the ecosystem is still behind. Plus, all the physics and animation makes iOS 7 kind of fun.
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    Indeed. As soon as apps are updated with compatibility, animations sped, debug code removed, and SMS notifications fixed, iOS 7 will be the BOMB in the wireless industry.
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    Although I too am happy that nobody has come in to bash you, think about it from the other side. Thread after thread, people say the same general things- iOS 7 is a step backwards, it looks like it's for little kids, it's slow, Android is lightyears ahead, etc... and after a certain point you just don't sympathize with the thread creators anymore. If you don't like it, then just switch to Android already!

    Now let me be clear- I'm not referring to you in that last paragraph. You obviously have an open mind and seem to be a very respectful poster. If more people were like you, MacRumors forums would be a much better place!
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    I don't understand. If you don't like iOS and want to use android, just do it? Why tell a bunch of strangers?
  9. Purex, Aug 23, 2013
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    Its been fun...

    If u dont understand and got nothing to add to the topic, why bother to answer ?
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    I watch Sesame Street.
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    I'm with 'ya. I downgraded to iOS 6 when I went on-call and I never went back up to iOS 7. For me there's no "must have" feature that justifies the quirks of a beta. I backed up my phone to put beta 6 on but I'm still meh. Maybe beta 7.

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    Yet you're talking about leaving for Android. And iOS 7 hasn't even been shipped to the public yet. :confused:
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    Lol! I wouldn't be telling people that...


    No sir. I'm saying that Apple needs to get this right, or they will lose what most people love about their iPhones- that is, knowing that they have the best phone on Earth.


    My current plan is to come back for the GM.
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    I love my iPhone but really could care less if its thought of as the best phone on earth. I am confident though that when iOS 7 ships its going to be as smooth as iOS 6 was.
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    Then stop beta testing if you're not a developer.


    People think that betas are some kind of showcase. They download it– when they're not supposed to– see that they are glitches and bugs, then cry on forums.
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    couple days ago i restored both my ipads to ios6, getting ready to sell them. To be honest i don't miss ios7 too much. still going to update to final only cause it's the newest operating system apps will eventually just work better on it.
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    I'm downgrading too. But I will definitely be back for the final release. I loved iOS 7 for the time that I've been using it :)
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    I downgraded to iOS 6 and then went straight back to iOS 7.

    I just couldn't cope with the look of iOS 6 - it's tacky, glossy and just ew! :D
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    Whoa... "Cry on forums"? This is more of a "public discussion" and no, this whole time I've been using the betas (the very beginning) I've made it a point to not whine about a product that isn't finished yet.
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    LOL dont let the door hit you on the a**. Stop crying.
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    I agree. What's the point of confiding in a bunch of strangers how you feel about something so inconsequential?

    Anyway, OP - I hope you're able to find satisfaction with whatever OS you decide to use.
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    I'm pretty certain he was being sarcastic. :eek:
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    But you are complaining right now, on this thread.
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    Why not?
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    :) Ok, OP. Hope you get what you want with Android.

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