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Its been fun.........

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by iSax1234, Mar 29, 2010.

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    So I've been browsing an posting some pictures on here before and since i got my first dslr a month ago. A d5000 with a kit lens from amazon. So I let me tell you about me. I'm 16, 17 in July, going to liberty university fall 2010 currently with out a job. I was in the mall and I had cracked my rear window and forgot to roll it back up. Anyways come back and my camera and my ipod is gone. So its been fun who knows if I can get a camera this summer or not. Its just really sad....

    But its been fun...........................in the camera section
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    do you have insurance? Are you under your parents insurance plan? If so, you can claim it. Did you file a police report?

    I am sure you have a deductible. Hopefully it isn't higher than what the value of the items are to replace?
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    that sucks.

    hopefully your deductible isn't too high
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    Umm yes I filed a police report and the police lady said "if i were you if the tables were turned I would be calling you crying". Um my dad owns a used car dealership and so I was driving one of his vehicles with a dealer ship tag. I don't have insurance on my camera and I don't think car insurance would cover that would it? But I'm calling them back to tomorrow and giving them the serial number off the box so they can find it if some one tries to run it through a pawnshop. I'm keeping an eye on craigslist and even ebay to see any suspicious activity. If it comes down to me talking to the person who stole it I'm confident I'll get it back. But hopefully I can get a job and get a camera this summer maybe....

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