It's Official!!!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Macmaniac, Jun 20, 2002.

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    July 3rd War 3!!!!! Already 4.5 million copies pre ordered!!! Guess I will have to get lucky to find one in a store:)
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    This is WARCRAFT 3 you're talking about, right?

    Yipeee! :D :D :D :D :D :D

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    Re: It's Official!!!

    Knowing Blizzard, it is not official until the cd is in your drive.
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    Ya your right, but I think they will keep on schedule for this release, this is only the biggest release in history! We have waited to long, I can't wait any longer! War 3 in X will kick so much a$$!
    Now blizzard poke poke wink wink, please start starcraft 2;)
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    pc & osx disks?

    I've been trying to find out everywhere whether there will be a standard W3 disc that supports osx and pc, or 2 separate disks?

    ie. will i be able to buy the one disc for both my pc and mac?

    Thanks guys!
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    yes. one disk.

    Blizzard does hybrid disks on all their releases.

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    Um.. maybe they EVENTUALLY do hybrid disks, but I assure you the first release of Diablo II was not a hybrid CD.. which is why I had to buy it again when they got the Mac version done. Same with the first Diablo. And StarCraft? did they ever do a hybrid of that one?
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    My War 2, War 2 expansion, Starcraft, Starcraft Expansion, Diablo 2, Daiblo 2 expansion, are all hybrid CDs both PC Mac, I am sure that War 3 will be PC Mac same disk. It makes more economical sense to combine them instead of doing seperate CDs.
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    Blizzard made a very big deal awhile back that this would be their first release with Windows, OS 9, and OSX, all on one CD....
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    Mannn, this game looks so sweet. I saw the empty box thingy @ EB, graphics look wonderful.

    *Note - All screens are from the Macintosh version! Weee!

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