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iTunes 11 wont let me add movies!

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by EarthDawn, Dec 10, 2012.

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    So I handbrake a movie tonight. I keep the movies on an external drive and then just drag and drop the shortcut to iTunes so my Apple TV finds it etc.

    Now the movie is done but I cant drag and drop the movie shortcut into iTunes ???

    Am I missing something??? I have been doing it the same way for 6 years now and never had an issue. Whats in my library now works fine and as it did before the iTunes update. It will let me drag it to my desktop nd when I hover over the desktop I get the little green PLUS sign... but when I drag it over my iTunes it wont show me the plus sign and I cant find any option to drag or add it over...

    Man I would love some help here... and if I am just stupid and am missing something simple please let me know !!!!
  2. Macman45, Dec 10, 2012
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    I just tried it...Opened movies in iTunes and just dragged it across...No issues at all...Don't know what the fix is for this one...I assume there isn't any DRM associated? Edit:

    Tried two more, both worked fine...Maybe a re-boot would help..Itunes is still a fussy beast.
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    REALLY !!!!

    It worked... All I did was close iTunes and reopen it... dragged it over and bing!

    I have never had it do that before and was stumped.

    THANK YOU !!!!!
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    Update 2:

    For some reason itunes 11 places some movies in it's "Home Video" folder...Weird but one of themn went there so worth checking.
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    Im not fan of this update... I was thinking of going back a version... but Ill just get use to this one.

    I see a lot of glitches in this version. More so then the others so far.

    Thanks again for your help !
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    Did they go into the Home Video section?
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    Nope... dropped right into the movies.
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    I mean after you dropped them there, do they appear in the other section? I did 3 and one of them shows up as a home video even though it's not...A direct rip via Handbrake of a TV show.

    ii Is a little weird but overall bear with it, it is better, especially in wifi syncing..The old one required a re-boot of my Imac and IOS devices to work...This version works firat time very time.
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    Well hey... it did go into Home Movies... I dont even know what that means.

    I always use the "List" option and saw it there and then changed it to the "New" section in my movies.

    What does "home movies" even mean?


    PS... I checked on the apple TV and it shows up as it should there
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    I read somewhere that if you go to the particular Movie >Get info, then change Genre to Movie, it will put them back into your movie folder
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    I just checked and yes it does. After you goto get info under the options tab there is a dropdown menu and you change it there.


    Now I just need to figure out where the default setting is and change it lol

    Thanks again
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    From A Buick 8

    Really does not help with the OP origanal question but i find that if you use a program to tag with metadata and then let it add the movie to iTunes it works well for me.

    I use iDentify
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    No idea...it wasn't there in previous versions of Itunes, and it didn't exist at all until I dragged those two over...They were not movies, but DVD's of a popular TV series here in the UK...I can't see any reason for a home movies section unless they were shot with one of my cameras....Perhaps Apple can explain....I can't...:D
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    change the media kind

    click the video, command+i, in options, there is a media kind. Change it to Movie. I guess by default when you add video clips, iTunes add them as Home Video.
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    I've had a few issues with IDentify recently with adding TV shows. Press the green tick and it disappears from iDentify but doesn't go into iTunes.

    Really odd as I take a look the next day and its there. Something wrong with iTunes I reckon.
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    From A Buick 8

    That is strange, i have not seen that issue. Did you check the developers website for any help?

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