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iTunes 7.7 Beachball With iPhone

Discussion in 'iPod' started by hexonxonx, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I connect my iPhone to the new version of iTunes on my iMac and it instantly freezes. I get the beachball forever and I have to force quit it. If I remove the iPhone, iTunes starts up normally.

    I tried restoring the old verison via Time Machine and reinstalling but then software update tells me I have the latest version 7.6 so it won't let me reinstall 7.7. I have 7.7 resinstalled via Time Machine once again with the spinning beach ball.

    Any help?

    On my MBP it works perfectly.
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    If you unplug and plug your phone back in, does it still take a few mins for iTunes to find it?
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    Not now. I guess after that first time after letting it sit a few minutes, iTunes sees the iPhone immediately.
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    Damn, mine still takes about 2mins
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    Just a heads up say I'm experiencing the same behaviour with my 160gb classic and iTunes 7.7. Plugging it in causes iTunes to freeze and beachball for about 3-4 minutes, after which everything's normal. Unfortunately, the same thing happens every time I connect the iPod. All was good before the update to 7.7 - with the iPod connecting properly in about 10-seconds.
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    Beachball.....Working Now

    After upgrading to iTunes 7.7, when I connect my iPhone I got the Beachball. My iTunes never recovers, constant Beachball, left for 2 hours a couple of times. I ended up freeing some space on the iPhone by deleting all the video content - which fixed the problem (I also enabled WiFi - but suspect that was unrelated). Note I had about 7GB of my 8GB in use prior to deletion.
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    It appears to be an issue of how big your Music Library is. This is what I've found.

    iTunes Music Library Empty and iPod Library Full: iPod connects instantly.
    iTunes Music Library Full and iPod Library Empty: iPod connects instantly.
    iTunes Music Library Full and iPod Library Full: iPod hangs for several minutes.

    My "full" music library is 7,000 songs on my computer and my iPod "full" music library is 3,000 songs.
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    I've got the exact same problem on my 30 GB iPod 5G. Hopefully they'll come out with 7.7.1 soon to sort this.
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    It can happen every time and it's a pain -- it can take 5, 10, or more minutes and itunes is frozen until it completes this operation. Hopefully it will be fixed in next build of itunes. Who wants to wait that long each time you connect your device to itunes?

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    I don't know if it was coincidence, but my iPhone (the original version) was doing the same. I then used the pwnagetool and all that to start "fresh" again. Now the iPhone/iTunes connection works flawlessly.

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