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Itunes and Ipod don't match

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Primejimbo, Jan 21, 2009.

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    I know I seen this before but I can't find it on here. My wifes itunes has 10 songs more than her ipod. What could cause this?
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    No one knows this?
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    My iTunes library had 1 extra song than my iPod. When I searched the problem I found out that one of the songs was duplicated (same album, same track number, same size) but the name was misspelled (one character was missing). The bad news is that I searched and compared each album manually to find that song.

    It was a Celine Dion's song and the two songs were named Celine Dion... and Cline Dion...
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    Check the playlists that the iPod is associated with for any possible duplicates.
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    Ok thanks, We'll look and see what we can find. I wish even if it was a duplicate it would still match up.
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    When you buy albums from itunes online, you get interactive booklets along with it. these are not added to your ipod, but are counted in your number of songs, also, count how many items are checked in your itunes.

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