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iTunes and NAS

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Arkious, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Hi all, I have just purchased a buffalo NAS to replace my 1TB Time Capsule.

    I am looking at what ways I can use this NAS to be able to access the iTunes library from the likes of the TV, iPhone, iPad without the need to have my Mac or PC running

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    If your NAS offers iOS apps to access its files or has an iTunes server built into it (like the Synology, and probably others), the options are:

    1) With iTunes Server, you should be able to access the library from any iTunes client, which includes your iOS device, if you set it up correctly on the NAS. You can't sync or create playlists this way, but it's accessible. AirPlay gets you to the AppleTV.

    2) An app that lets you browse the NAS on your iOS device will most likely launch the appropriate player for media files (The DS FIle app for Synology does this). Again, AirPlay needs to be used for the AppleTV.
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    iTunes servers on all NAS only stream music and not videos. You can point your iTunes library on Mac or PC to the NAS w/o having to copy them. If the NAS is DLNA compliant, you can download various apps on your iOS device that can play directly from the NAS and w/Airplay stream to your ATV.
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    Ok sounds... Decent I suppose :)

    My current setup with my Time Capsule has my iTunes library on it which is accessed by all Computers in the house. The difficult thing with the capsule is not being able to access it from any other device.

    I have an XBox that I would like to try stream media from the new NAS with, know of anything that will allow that?

    We're after an Apple TV or similar for a standalone TV in the bedroom for streaming too, but that will be next on the list after I get correct setup

    Thanks for the advice guys :)
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    This can do it with airplay thanks to their new software update with built in airplay. Click on the QAirplay button
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    Anything DLNA-Certified should do. Most consumer NASes these days are. You may still face compatibility issues, though. Although XBox should fare much better than most Smart-TVs in handling of the various media formats.
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    If you're going to go the DLNA route and also want the same video content in iTunes, make sure your file extensions are .mp4 instead of .m4v - it's the same file format, but my experience with DLNA is that it does not recognize .m4v as a valid extension, whereas iTunes will accept .mp4 files.
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    great, thanks for the help!

    i will be setting this up on saturday so will let you guys know how it goes once ive trief everything
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    Depends on the DLNA media server. Twonky seems to support all but .mkv

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