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iTunes and subtitles

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by famous600, Jul 25, 2013.

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    So my buddy convinced me to take my 99%mkv library and convert it to m4v for home sharing in iTunes. Which is great. I pull the mkv apart using mkvtools, then remix it into mp4 with the video, audio, and subtitle track. Playback in VLC to verify it works. Put it into iDentify which tags it and throws it into iTunes. Great. Wrong. I can't get any frickin subtitles to work. VLC confirmed the subtitle is there but iTunes doesn't like it. Any ideas????
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    You can use subler to add subtitles to itunes.
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    I read that online as well. My only issue is the file is formatted properly. The subtitle track is sitting there. What's the problem?!?
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    Im not sure what format the subtitles in mkv are, but i don't believe itunes can read them. i've only been able to use .srt subtitles.
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    Definitely .srt :)
  6. priitv8, Jul 26, 2013
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    The source of the subtitle is not that important (Subler can only import .srt files, but e.g. iSubtitle can use .sub and others as well). What matters is, that when opened in Subler, you must have the subtitle track in 3GPP Text format. That's the only one, that QuickTime (in iTunes or iOS) will take:
    However, Subler's special capability is it's ability to convert DVD/Blu-Ray bitmapped subs into text subs, that QuickTime needs.
    PS Subler can even open mkv files directly and convert/pass thru the tracks as needed (you can influence the action to be taken in the Action field)!
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    When I convert a MKV file including subs to a M4V file it messes up the subs. So I always use .srt files.
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    I've discovered muxing soft subs into m4v to be a weak spot of HandBrake. If I let HB to mux soft sub from MKV into m4v, then the track is created but doesn't display on aTV. Therefore I always mux subs in later, using either iSubtitle or Subler.
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    If you are using iTunes (or QuickTime) to play the m4v file, you will need to select the subtitle before playing. The default mode is with all subtitles off.
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    How come? I can select subs anytime during the playback.
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    I'm also having issues with this. I I have an a avi with an srt file and I play the avi, then the subtitles show up for foreign audio. I then convert my avi to mp4 using isquint as I like this software for don't batch conversions. I then use subler to embed the srt files but the subtitles displays for all audio which is very frustrating. I'm also not a fan of how subler displays subtitles on the video. Are there any tips or better options out there?
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    Behold, the rise of the necromancer.

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