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iTunes Charging More $ than displayed?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by Auzburner, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Okay I've got a problem here! Are they charging tax or something? I'm using a gift card to purchase Super Monkey Ball for $9.99, Enigmo for $9.99, and Super Pong for $2.99. I now have $0.19 left of the gift card. This is bull. After every purchase I noticed it was taking more than $9.99 for Super Monkey Ball, but thought it was a glitch that would clear up. What is going on? Is anyone else experiencing this? Check your credit account connected to iTunes and let me know! It was a $25 gift card* incase I can't do basic math let me know! I should have $2.03 left!
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    Yes, in certain states sales tax is charged (as with music and videos).
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    I live in New York, I was NEVER charged for tax before!
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    I looked at a very recent iTunes receipt for music and tv shows. It shows no tax being collected - at least for NY state (where I live). So, not sure what is happening for you.
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    NY recently passed a law that they will collect taxes from ALL internet purchases.
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    Some states don't tax the music and video, but they tax software. So if you buy an app, you'll be taxed. But if you buy a song, it'll just be .99usd.
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    Alright, I figured that's what was happening. Thanks for the quick responses guys. If anyone can confirm they are also being charged tax in NY for Apps that would be fantastic!
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    I live in NY and i realized they started charging me tax since about two weeks ago. They never did it before.
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    I haven't bought anything on the app store yet, just downloaded free stuff. But NY is starting to tax everything, I've suddenly been paying it on stuff from Amazon. Which makes me sad because I just moved here from WA and thought I was finally done paying tax at Amazon.
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    7% sales tax in florida ;[
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    I live in Florida and itunes doesn't charge me sales tax, even for apps.
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    Hm, I live in New York City and I've been purchasing music/video/movies over the past month without being charged any additional sales tax from iTunes.

    That said, it's possible that applications from the iTunes Store fall under a different category and thus are being charged sales tax.

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