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iTunes classic

Discussion in '5,000,000 Post Contest' started by Mitthrawnuruodo, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Ohh, very nice. :D Well done!
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    This is very cool, great icon.
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    After this contest is over, I might want to use that as an avatar mkay?:)
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    I second that!
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    Yes, it can.

    I might be persuaded to make a genuine icns file (maybe even with matching document file(s)), but for now you can run the entered gif file through pic2icon and then use Apple's preferred way of changing icons (you need an admin account to do this with anything in the /Applications folder).
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    If you still wanna use it then, you can lend it for as long as you like... :)
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    Cool. :)

    Maybe I'll use it after the next iTunes update, just for fun. :p:)
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    how to use this icons instead the one i have, the icons looks very nice and i wish i could change it with this one...
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    could you please post a 512x512 size icon?
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    Here is a zip containing the icon in 512x512 as a tif and an icon file.

    The easiest way to change the icon is to run the tif file (from the link above) through pic2icon and using the get info -> copy and paste icon "trick".

    You can also use the icns file and replace the one inside iTunes.app, but to do this you'd better be sure of what you're doing... ;)

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