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iTunes crash when importing...please help me :(

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by lilscoy, Feb 14, 2002.

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    Please help me... :( I just got a new Dual 1ghz and everytime I start to import my cds into itunes, my computer crashes on me! The first time it just froze...after that, I keep getting kernel panics, when all that writing goes across my screen...at first it happened on the second or third cd after I restarted, then it just kept happening on the same cd, the first one...thanks in advance to anyone who can help me...
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    You should probably try allocating more memory to iTunes. Also, have you tried using a different CD? There might be a scratch or something that is causing your computer to mess up. If that fails, there might be something wrong with your CD drive. Luckily, it's covered under warranty. Call customer service and see what they say.
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    CDDB down??

    I kept trying to import my cds in iTunes, but everytime I tried to get the cd names, it said something was wrong with my connection, which it wasn't. I then tried to go to www.cddb.com and www.gracenote.com, and it says that the server could not be found...Is it down? iTunes can't use another database, can it?
    Could this have something to do with it crashing??
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    Just wanted to add that I unchecked the box in iTunes to automatically connect to the internet when needed, and it fixed the problem...wonder what's up with cddb...

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