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iTunes credits for apps?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by Neotears, May 26, 2011.

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    So I received a few "song credits" with a promotional iCoke promotion. Though it was advertised as one free iTunes song, can I use it for an iTunes app instead? The equivalent of a .99 app.
    I've come to understand that you cannot "combine" apps inthe sense to reduce a price (like using five iTunes credits for five dollars off a $10 music album. However could you (if credits for apps is possible) use five credit for a $4.99 app?
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    hm.. it is intresting..
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    Apple's answer was no. Similar to iTunes gift cards, they're not eligible for apps.
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    I'm sure you can use iTunes Gift Cards on apps. I have been for the last year at least.
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    Yeah, i use gift cards to buy apps. Now and then a shop here has 30% off gift cards, which is basically 30% off apps, it makes sense :)

    Which raises a question: apple's cut of the app price is 30%. If I buy apps using a 30% off card, there is no profit left, because the developer still gets 70% - I've tested it with my own apps. Now, the shop won't sell these cards without making a profit, so presumably apple are selling them to the shop at <70% of the retail price. Doesn't that mean apple are losing money when we use these cards on the app store?

    If so, maybe they noticed and stopped allowing new cards to be used on the app store. Mine were purchased ~1 year back, but the credit is still good for apps.
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    Ivan P

    Just to clear up, the OP is Canadian and for some odd reason (yes, this is true by the way), you cannot use iTunes Gift Cards to buy apps in Canada.
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    That's old info. You can now.
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    Ivan P

    Well, weird if that's the info Apple themselves is giving them then.

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