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iTunes evil for Apple haters...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by SilentPanda, Oct 21, 2003.

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    Has anybody sent one of their Apple hating friends a $10 gift certificate to the iTunes Music Store yet? I just sent one... good response except that he hates me due to the money he will lose...

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    Kill them w/love. :D I love it.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha, well, sounds good, yet I don't know if I'd want to go out and pay for a gift certificate.....too bad they're not giving away a song or two to get switchers....;)

    Maybe in February things will get interesting....

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    This morning I installed Itunes PC on my Pc at work, and boy, this program is better then any pc audio program out there! But it still is inferior to the itunes experience on the Mac!

    It's a bit off topic, but had to mention it! By the way, can any of you guys send me a certificate?!? I'm in Europe and this is the only way to download from the musicstore!
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    Only about half my friends have switched to iTunes since it came out. Almost all have tried it, the problem is that winamp does exactly what they need it to while using less resources. iTunes is great if you have 300+ songs, its not for everyone. Still, my mac has been getting more respect since iTunes came out.
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    Re: iTunes evil for Apple haters...

    Anyone know Bill Gates e-mail addy? I would love to send him a nice certificate.
    Do you think he installed iTunes yet--I dought he likes Media Player :D
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    Re: LOL

    Are you sure you can download from the music store in other countries, even with a gift certificate?

    THATS AWESOMe!! Great loophole.
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    Re: Re: iTunes evil for Apple haters...

    I thought of that... but I'm sure Steve has already sent Bill an allowance... hehehe
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    Re: Re: Re: iTunes evil for Apple haters...

    here bill, have a few hundred on us. oh what the heck, we will do it all for you. Not hard you know with all that Windows 'security' you supposedly have ………
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    I might be wrong but doesn't Bill Gates own a fair portion of the Macintosh corporation:confused:
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    First of all there is no Macintosh Corporation. It's Apple Computer.

    Secondly, Micrsoft invested about 150million dollars back when apple was worth only 3.3Billion, that's only abt 4.5%. That's not a fair portion.

    Unless of course there's a Macintosh Corporation I don't know about.


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    It was also non-voting stock.

    MS has essentially divested itself of this original investment. Yes, they still hold Apple stock, but that's through normal trading.

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