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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Old News

    I'm pretty sure this is old news. I've been looking for a way to submit feedback about iTunes itself for over a month and can't. Apple's feedback page only gives options for feedback about music carried on the ITMS.
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    There is still the Apple bug reporter for iTunes feedback (they take feature requests too). You do have to go through the ADC signup routine to use it, though.
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    You can report problems with podcasts still by going to the description page for the podcast (either by clicking on its picture or by the arrow next to the podcast name) and selecting "report a concern". It gives you several options of why you're submitting feedback (technical, content, etc.)

    I complained about not being able to download New Music Tuesday's podcast (I wasn't alone either). I still can't get it consistently even though all my other podcasts work fine.

    But anyway, there must still be some way to give feedback on iTunes... :confused:

    EDIT: Thanks for the link iMeowbot. I bet most people don't know this exists. My guess is they were getting so much feedback through the "normal" channel that they just couldn't keep up with it...
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    A little bit off topic but here is a screen shot of some of my 4400+ work selection of tracks

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    congratulations? I'm not sure where the topic fits into that one...

    /must stop writing like I would on theforum!
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    Probably no where to be exact, I just have a decent music selection at work and posted it from work :eek:
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    Many thanks. I am signed up with ADC but never thought to look for feature suggestions there.
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    It would probably be best to start a new thread for that, and then link to it from here if you'd like. I don't think it would be good if everyone started posting screenshots of their iTunes collection in this thread (although I'm not condemning you for it ;)).

    By the way, I just passed the 7300 song threshold last night :)
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    yep, very old news. they removed general feedback over three months ago. I think they were getting too much sent in and needed to curb it a bit. Shame that they chose to cut it off entirely as a solution.

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