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iTunes Gift Certificates now available on Online Apple Store

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 8, 2003.

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    .Mac gift certificate?

    Anybody know if I can use my $20 Online Apple Store I got for renewing .Mac towards one of these certificates? That would be awesome!

    The coupon says the order has to be more than $20, so I suppose I'd have to get a $30 certificate.
  3. arn
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    You could also get $25 off $249 worth of songs...

    Getting 251 songs for $224.

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    Getting one for my wife. She isn't a big computer fan but she does love iTunes - and doesn't like the others that are out so far.
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    Jerry Spoon

    Good job Apple. Now just make a paper version available in your brick and mortar stores and you'll be set.
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    That is a lot of music
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    you can only go up to $200. I tried to order one and is says that for that item you still need a American Billing Address
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    Folks only need to get someone in the US to buy them for that person overseas..and that overseas person just pay the US person.
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    Yes, but does anyone know how to pay the person in the US the money from say, the UK without being charged for sending the money?
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    Not sure because your out money if you send it by mail and out money if sent by paypal or wire.

    I guess if you don't want to pay extra to best solution would be just get a US credit card.
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    not on an iPod

    I've got the smallest one 10 GB and 251 songs barely scratches the surface. I have about 20 albums on it and I've still got 8 GB left to fill... I can't even imagine who could fill up a 40 GB iPod with just music.
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    I tried purchasing from outside the US using a gift certificate kindly bought for me.

    You can't do it.

    Even when redeeming a certificate, you still have to set up an account -- including billing details. These are checked, and if you're not in the US, it won't work.
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    Re: not on an iPod

    As of this morning, I have 11434 songs on iTunes (all legal from my own CDs and iTMS). It is about 94GB of music. I have to select what songs go on my 30GB iPod (not to mention my old 10GB iPod), it is easy to fill. ;-) I scanned all my CDs so that if they get damaged I can burn another, so I can use them with my iPod, with iTunes, and stream between machines in my house.
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    Apple needs to encourage its Mac users to buy gift certificates for Windows users for the holidays. It is a great viral way of getting Windows users to get iTunes.
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    Tried to send a certificate to a fellow MR member in the UK - he hasn't received it. Let's hope this works.


    edit: Wes might have made it work! I'll leave it to him to explain how to fake iTMS from other countries. w00t!!!!!!
  17. Wes
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    ok, here is how you do it, you click redeem, enter your Apple ID.

    It then asks for your credit card info, click the "None" radio button.

    Now it wants a real zip code, state and city, which I'm sure our stateside macrumors members could give us, then BOOM! you are in!

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  18. Wes
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    It works!

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    So nobody else is gonna test? Come on, kids! Our European friends need us!

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    Yep - that works :)

    Now, what to buy.....
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    Here are a couple of vaild US address that can be used:

    1 Infinite Loop
    Cupertino CA 5014
    (Apple Computer) :)

    1600 Pensylvania Ave, NW
    Washington DC 20500
    (The White House) :)
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    already since a long time

    redeeming works just fine outside the US. You will just have to fake a US address.

    Problem now is that I am running out of credit (originally received 10$ from a friendly person in the US that I paid back using paypal)

    So if anyone can be so kind as to send me another certificate, I will be legally downloading again...


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    Re: already since a long time

    Thats just it, since you're outside the U.S., you are NOT legally downloading.

    I say don't push it to far people, Apple is likely to shut the whole Gift Certificates option down if it's too much of a problem (like the original option for sharing in itunes)
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    ...conversely, Apple will use my case to show our music rights authorities that there are people so desperate to download legally, that they are willing to do all kinds of illegal things just to get there...
  25. arn
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    Re: or...


    more likely, Apple is within it's rights to deactivate all the music you've downloaded with any falsely provided US addresses.

    (I don't actually think Apple will do this... but you never know)


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