iTunes Library and media folder separation (SSD + HDD obtibay)

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    I've just replaced the hdd in a 2010 15" MBP with an SSD, moving the original HDD to where the Superdrive used to be and I've read that it is possible to keep the iTunes media folder on the HDD, whilst keeping the library file on the SSD. Allegedly this makes iTunes a little bit faster. I don't have anywhere near the space on the SSD to hold all my music collection so this would be the perfect set up, though I can't find any information on how to actually achieve this and was wondering if anybody could shed some light on this.

    I currently have my music library on an external 2tb drive hooked into my cinema display but work away from home a lot more now and it would be good to be able to take it with me! Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Is the external Folder the iTunes folder now and did you point iTunes towards that folder?

    If this is the case then just copy the music to the internal HD and then in iTunes preferences in the Advanced Tab point it to the iTunes Music Folder on the internal HD in the Optical bay.

    In the screenshot below you see I changed the iTunes directory to my external Gtech HD.(highlighted blue)

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    For some reason i didn't think it was that easy, brilliant. Thanks!
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    Once that config is set will iTunes watch that folder for changes made to media within it and its subfolders?
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    That's not how iTunes works, iTunes works by keeping a Database and it's Data files in that folder, it's is not actively scanning that folder, so what you want is not what iTunes does.

    Edit: What I mean is, if you add Music files in this folder or sub folders it will NOT update iTunes Library.

    No worries, sometimes we look at problems in a difficult way, yet the "fix" is easy.
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    It (that function) is what i need tho. :(

    And that "Automatically add iTunes" folder they speak of doesnt seem to work either. When you drag something in there it completely disappears.
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    First I added/edited my last post.

    If you add music files to that folder it will not show up in iTunes, and drag and drop should work, it always did on my system.

    Be sure to drag it to a Library, the main one or a newly created playlist and drop it there, it should work.
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    Well let me explain what is going on so you can point out what a may be doing wrong.

    • Folder ex contacting all my music files.
    • I have Folder X under the music folder (/user/music/folderX) in my machine.
    • Folder X Syncs with folder Y on my Nas so the file locations change often inside folder X.

    I need to find a way to apply changes to the iTunes library as these changes are made. Changes such as new files that were added or relocated or renamed within folder X.
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    That will not work, as I already said, iTunes is not scanning for new music inside the iTunes folder, even if it did the X folder should be in /user/music/iTunes.

    Relocated and/or renamed may work/get updated, new files will not be added, there is no way to do this afaik and I use iTunes since the beginning.
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    figures. I guess i have to keep up the old time consuming way of deleting the library and reimporint every time changes have been made. It's a pain tho with over 140GB in folder X
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    I agree, and you loose all playlists if you do this.

    I don't know your "workflow" but how come there is music added to the folder on the external, is it from other users?

    I could probably find a way to do it so that everything is inside the Library but it is too difficult to do so online.
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    I dont care for playlists per se. I can always auto it using specifics for what i need.

    The nas contains all stored files which are updated on an a weekly basis. That machine shares the files with other devices on my network. When those changes are made I wanna make sure the files on the mac machine reflect those changes. It's just easier to manage on the has.

    Ironically the windows machines run Media Monkey which can update its library at the click of a mouse. I dont know what its so difficult for apple to implement a library updater tool in iTunes.
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    iTunes is a good player although bloated, but even iTunes does not do it all.

    I have to agree that it should be a simple process to scan the iTunes Music folder again and only import files that are not in the Library.

    If you drop the Music Folder on iTunes it will get duplicates of all music files already in iTunes, how dumb is that, it is so simple to compare it with existing paths in the Library yet iTunes is too stupid to do so.

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