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iTunes Match Goes Live in the Netherlands

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Less than a week after Dutch music copyright organization Buma/Stemra announced that it had struck a deal with Apple regarding iTunes Match, the service has now gone live in the Dutch iTunes Store.


    An iTunes Match link is not yet showing up on the front page of the Dutch iTunes Store, but Apple has updated the iTunes Store terms and conditions in the Netherlands with new text covering the service and the generic link to the iTunes Match page [iTunes Store] is now working for those who have set their systems to access the Dutch version of the store.

    As in other European countries, iTunes Match is priced at EUR24.99 per year.

    Article Link: iTunes Match Goes Live in the Netherlands
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    Little note: If the license agreement it says that if you match / upload any illegal obtained music to the service, you can be sued.

    Before you freak out: Downloading is legal here, uploading is not. And, you may make one copy of anything you have obtained for your personal use should you lose it.
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    It's probably not only Dutch store that just got this. It seems it's live at least for Lithuanian store as well, because I just had to agree with new terms and conditions with main focus on iTunes match service.
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    I wonder if it cuts off the ends of songs out there.
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    Subscribing NOW!
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    I have subscribed, but it seems not fully operational yet.
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    same here ... it keeps on telling me to log out and try again ... loop.
  8. Twizz91, Jan 16, 2012
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    Doesn't work for me either, although iTunes states that i've paid for it.

    BTW: this page is already updated:
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    This release is half a year late for Me, I would have used it if I was there but I'm in a country which won't have this anytime soon, if ever.

    But even then, My library is too big to even be eligible to use it.
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    It's functional!
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    for me too ...
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    How about fixing the problems with in the countries that have it, before expanding it out to new countries?
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    We have a winner!
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    Sorry but maybe the problem that you do have will not bother millions of other ? Whatever issue it is, it should be fixed indeed, but the world should stop going forward everytime something does not work for you ;-) ? Really ?!
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    We have a winner...

    Been using iTunes Match from the first day it was launched in the US and haven't had any problems.
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    SO it's not everyone

    So it's not everyone that is having issues...

    I called Apple about a syncing issue between my iPhone and my MacBook Pro when using iTunes Match. The higher level tech admitted that there are issues with iTM. The issues range from syncing the phone over wi-fi (locating the phone/preparing downloads even though there are not changes that needs to be made) and album art disappearing or not downloading to the device.

    An Apple employee admittied the issues and said that there will be an update "sometime in the future". Whether we see it is the question. After all, we see how well the 5.0.1 update did not solve the battery issues with iOS 5.
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    where to buy itunes for match ?
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    Nope, there are many problems that are 100% confirmed for all users. Not user error, not intermittent issues, but problems that are bugs that happen every time for every user. Just look at the support boards and you'll see plenty of them.

    I'm not asking for "stop going forward", I'm just saying that fixing widespread confirmed bugs should be a higher priority than bringing the buggy software to more people.

    And all that means is that you are lucky to not have encountered the problems, not that the problems don't exist. If you were to test out the things that are broken, you'd see the problems as well.
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    Maybe you're right, but the major problems I've heard about are play counts, playlists, album artwork, and I have no problems with any of those things...
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    Alright, I have an iCloud-status called 'Ongerechtigd' , don't know the exact translation for (perhaps: inlegitimate?) , but what does this mean? For instance, it affects a song by DJ Jean, which I bought legally as a single (as in: compact disc) but also some other songs. They will not sync with iCloud.
    Is this new? If not, what is it?
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    Here are a couple specific playlist examples.

    Try making a smart playlist that references another playlist. Does it show up properly on an iOS device?

    Try making a smart playlist with the criteria "limited to 25 items". On an iOS device does it limit to 25 or is it much more than that?

    Once Match is activated, do you see Genius playlists as an option on iOS devices?

    I'd also be shocked if when you play a song on an iOS device it updates the play count and last played on your computer in a timely manner. If that's consistently happening for you, you're in a tiny TINY minority.

    Probably "ineligible".

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    What does iTunes use to recognize a song????
    It has to upload 18k form the 25k songs!!!!
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    Looks like it uses waveform analysis only.

    And wait until it's done uploading before jumping to conclusions, in many cases it says it's uploading a huge number of songs but many of those are matched songs where it's only uploading metadata and album artwork.
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    My computer updates play counts on a daily basis, and if I want an immediate update, I can always "Update iTunes Match."

    As for the playlist issues, I will admit I have the problems you mentioned... I'm not a big playlist user, but I can understand why people are upset by it.
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    If you play a song on an iOS device, the play count is updated on your computer within a day? That's much better than most people have seen, and I'd argue that even that isn't fast enough, particularly since manual music sync is disabled.

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